Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Want to write an invitation to a chief guest? Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for sports, annual functions, foundation day, prize distribution etc available for free download. You can customize this letter for school, company, office, production unit, shop, shopping center, office, or factory.

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Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Function like Sports, Foundation Day, Annual Function etc

Dear Sir,

We are honored and wish to invite you as our chief guest for (ceremony name) that will take place at (name of venue) on (time and date). It will be a privilege to have you at the event. We hope that you will honor us with your presence. We are expecting your timely confirmation and talking if there are any queries or questions. Looking forward to your confirmation and arrival to honor the event.


Your Name

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Opening Ceremony

Dear Sir,

AH Foundation, dedicated to caring, welfare education, and rehabilitation of special children for the last 7 years.

To serve a larger number of special children, we promote the concept of inclusive education in Pakistan. As the first step to achieve this goal, we started training regular school teachers in “Inclusive Education” with assistance from Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (NRSP, SRSP, ERRA), and we trained 200 teachers during (Date)-(Date).

Now we are starting similar training with assistance from USAID through National Rural Support Program (NRSP). 2nd Course will be from (Date). You are requested to grace the Opening Ceremony as Chief Guest kindly.
Date, Time:

Your presence will be a source of encouragement for the participants & staff of AH Foundation. Program of the event enclosed.

Sincerely Yours,
Your Name

Chief Guest Invitation Letter

Dear Ms. Anushka,

As you know, the Abdul Haq Foundation is serving the noble cause of Special Children in Pakistan for the last thirty years.

Abdul Haq Foundation also holds Summer Internship Program in July every year for the last twelve years. A & O-level students of elite schools of Lahore, students of various colleges & universities participate in the program. This program provides an opportunity for regular students to learn about the strengths & weaknesses of children. This year due to Summar Vocation, we started the program on 23rd June. Closing and Certificates Distribution Ceremony will be held on (Date) (a program of the ceremony enclosed)
It will be an honor for the Abdul Haq Foundation and a great source of encouragement for students & internees if you could kindly grace the occasion with your kind appearance.

With regards,
Dr. Amjad Hussain

Sample Invitation Letter to Guest

Dear Mr./Mrs. Jackson

I am writing to invite you to come to my home for a big dinner party. This is to celebrate the biggest deal in our company. As you have a major part to play in securing this, it would be my pleasure for you to be our guest of honor. First, there will talk amongst ourselves, and then dinner, and entertainment.

(Date and Time). I hope you would consider, and get back to me soon.


Your Name

Sample Invitation Letter to Guest

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