Job Application for IT Trainer

Sample job application letter to apply for the post of IT trainer, IT teacher for company employees, executives, etc.

Cover Letter for Experienced IT Trainer

Company Name,

Subject: Application for the Post of IT Trainer

Respected Sir,

I would like to apply for the advertised post of IT Trainer by your company. I have all the required qualifications and experience to fulfill your requirement. After reading your job description, I find myself the best fit for this position, and I hope you do too.

My recent qualification is “mention the qualification here” and my experience as a trainer at “mention the company” enabled me to find myself a good IT Trainer. So I want to pursue this career in the future.

I will be looking forward to presenting myself in an interview.


Your Name

Job Application for IT Trainer

Mr. Kevin Hughman
Head Selection Department
IT Solutions & Co.
Florida, USA

Sir, I am Mr. Richard Parker, and I am an IT specialist, just as it says on your job requirements. I have been working with multiple multinationals over the years but I have planned to settle here in my hometown, and as your company is the best, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of joining the most optimistic people in this country.

I also have a skill set of overcoming any situation without panicking, which makes me reliable in such situations. Therefore, I have attached my CV with this cover letter. I would be a valuable asset to your company, and I hope the feeling is mutual. Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Parker

West Virginia

Cover Letter for IT Trainer

Dear Sir,

I would like to state that I have been an employee in your company for two years, and still working. I am writing to you as you have advertised in the news for an IT trainer for your junior assistants in the company. As I have work experience of two years as an IT officer.

It would be great if you could consider me for this post instead of finding someone from outside the company. I have been aware of all the rules and regulations of this company.

Thank You For your time.

Elizabeth Josephine

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