Application for Two Days Leave for Final Examination

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Application for Two Days Leave for Final Examination

Director Marketing
AH Foundation

Respected Madam,
With due respect, it is to state that I, Urooj Fatima, Volunteer from Kinaird College Lahore, request you to grant me leave for two days i-e 15th July, and and 17th July as I need to appear in two of my final examinations in college on these days, and will not be able to report at AH Foundation. In order to complete my one hundred credit hours of community service, I am willing to work for extra hours on other working days.

Your’s Thankfully,

Urooj Fatima

Application for Two Days Leave for Final Examination
Application for Two Days Leave for Final Examination

Application for Two Days Leave for Examination

Andrew Adam,
CEO, Advance Company Ltd,

Dear Sir,

I hope you are enjoying good health, and I pray for the same.

I am Steven Smith, Manager Finance, and Associate with organization for 2 years. I would like to inform you that I am studying for ICAEW for further growth in my career, for which I will appear in the exam on Monday next week. For this matter I am applying for Two days leave to prepare for exams.

I will be grateful to your good self.
Thank you with high anticipation, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,
Steven Smith,
Manger Finance, Advance Company Ltd,

Two Days Leave Application for Final Examination

The HR Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Respected sir,
It is stated that along with being an employee at your firm I am also a student who is currently in the last year of his master’s degree. Sir, my final exams have come up, and are scheduled to be in the next week. I request the management to kindly grant me a leave for two days (29-29-(Date) to 31-29-(Date)) so that I can prepare for my examination.

Approved request shall be appreciated, and thanked.

Application for Leave for Final Examination

Respected sir / ma’am,

With due respect, I am writing this to inform you that I have final exams from coming Tuesday (6th January, (Date)). I have too much work load, and have a lot of syllabus for my final terms. I was busy in my brother wedding since couple of weeks so I couldn’t pay as much attention as required to my studies.

Therefore I have much work load. In this case I request you to please grant me leave for two days (4th January -5th January, (Date)) so that I can do preparations for my finals exams. I assure you that I will definitely cover all the work of office which I will miss during my leave days. Kindly grant me leave I will be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,


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