Leave Application Due To Death of Wife

Sample leave application due to the death of your wife, beloved wife, young wife, newly married wife for office, school, college, university, etc.

Leave Application upon Death of Wife

The Manager,

Habib Bank Limited,


It is respectfully stated that I am an employee in Habib Bank Limited working as an Administrator. Unfortunately, I need to leave for one day because of the death of my beloved wife. Therefore, kindly grant me a leave for today.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

Nouman Zaib.

Application for Lave Due to Wife’s Death

The Principal,

Dear Sir,

I am having a heavy heart, and I do not know how to express myself. My wife got a miscarriage, for which she died at the spot in Sheikh Zaid Hospital last night. That was a serious reason for which I could not come to the college, Sir.

It is a humble request to grant me leave for 5 days from yesterday, (Date) To (Date). Unfortunately, as you know, this loss cannot be changed to profit, but I still hope that I will soon be able to handle myself.

I hope to get a good response from your side.

Yours sincerely,


Email Leave Letter for Death of Wife

The Principal,

Government College,

Dear Sir,

With Due respect, it is stated that I (Asghar Ali) am working as an Assistant Professor here in your college. As I had informed you that my wife is a patient of cancer for many years, yesterday she went away. It is an un-compensated loss that I had ever met in my life. I am really depressed on this occasion, and also my child is getting weak day by day.

I have to look after my home properly these days as my native village is far beyond the city. So I want to get a leave for three days. I hope you will not regret allowing me a leave. I shall be grateful to you for this very act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,

Asghar Ali

Leave Application Due To Death of Wife

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