Leave Application for Proposing my Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

Sample leave application from office to propose to girlfriend on valentines day on Feb 14th.

Leave to Propose A Girl

The Managing Director

Walnut Media Company


Subject: Leave for proposing girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Dear Sir,

I wanted to tell you that I have been dating a friend for the last six months. She’s the reason why I have become so focused and successful at work. I have been the luckiest and the happiest man this entire time, and now I want to make my girlfriend my life, my wife. That’s right, I want to marry her. And so I’ve decided to propose to her for marriage this Valentine’s day. I hope she says yes.

I request you to please grant me leave for a day so that I can cherish and completely devote myself to this lifetime moment. Just the thought of this brings a big smile to my face. I hope everything goes as planned. If you have any great ideas, please do let me know. I am confident you’ll grant me leave to cash the best time of my life and make this Valentine’s Day special for a loved one.

Looking forward to your kind response. Thank you.

Most respectfully,

Sheikh Zahid

Marketing Manager

Leave Letter to Propose Girl Friend for Marriage

The Manager Accounts,

Hareem medicine company


Respected Manager,

Hope you’ll be fine. I am Atif Ali, working as a senior account supervisor at Hareem Medicine Company. As you know, Valentine’s day is very memorable for lovers & friends. My parents have allowed me to choose the life partner of my choice.

I like one of my cousins. She is two years younger than me. I am feeling happy to inform you that finally, I am going to propose to her for marriage. For this, Valentine’s day is perfect as it is coming after six days.

So I request you to please grant me leave on valentine’s day so I can express my views in front of her to hope to get a positive answer in return.


Atif Ali

Leave Application For Proposing My Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

The Manager




Dear Sir,

I am writing this application for the approval of leave for 14th Feb Valentine’s Day. I am planning to propose to my girlfriend on this beautiful occasion to express the warmth of my love. I have put off all my past plans to express this for this special day. Kindly allow me to leave from office on the 14 so that I can make this day memorable. It would be a favor to me.

Yours Sincerely


Floor Supervisor

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