Leave Application for Going Home

Leave application letter for going to village for 1 weak—sample application for leave from office for a personal family function. Then, leave an application to meet the family—a sample leave letter for going home.

Leave Application for Going Home

Mr. Alex Steward
Chief Financial Officer
ABC Company,
West ham

Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health.

Under my employment contract entered into with your Organization on Saturday (Date), I have been entitled to 10 paid leaves apart from 10 medical leaves annually.

As of today, I had availed medical leaves of 8 days, whereas I never asked for any other leave. I have attached a copy of my latest record connected with my annual leaves duly endorsed by Head Human Resource for your ready reference.

I am hereby requesting you to permit me to avail myself of leaves for 10 days to visit my home located in Manchester. I am looking forward to receiving positive feedback from your kind side. Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Alan Taylor

Accounts Executive

Leave Application for Going Home

Dear Sir/Miss,

I want to state that my family lives in queen’s state, USA. My mother is very sick since last night. So I would like to take two days’ leave so that I could visit my mother. So kindly grant me leave for 2 days,(Date).

Thank You

Yours sincerely,

Patrick John

Leave to Go Home for Rest

The Principal,

Elliot College,

Richardson Café Road,

Sydney, Australia.


Most respectfully, it is stated that I am a student of A-Level second year at Elliot College. However, during the one-week mid-term examination last week, I lessened my sleep to three hours resulting in fever right after exams. It has become difficult for me to stay to attend my last lecture. Therefore, kindly grant me the leave so that I could go home earlier.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,


Extension In leave Application

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health; I am good too. I am writing this application because you know I am already on leave, but I request that you please extend my leave, as the family function is out of the station, and my elder has changed the date due to some personal problem. The family function was on the 12th of February, but now our elders decided to move that to the 15th of February. So please understand my problem and extend the days of my leave; I will do double shifts to complete my work.

I hope you will extend it.



Amjad Butt

Leave Application for Going Home

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