Experience Letter for Sales Executive and Other Sales Positions

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Sample experience letter for sales executive, assistant sales executive, sales manager and other sales job positions by the company or employer.

Sales Executive Experience Letter Sample

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Kanza Faisal has worked as Sales Executive for Dawood Distributors Limited. She performed very good job and achieved assigned goals.

Despite all of this she is very honest, highly motivated, hardworking and very efficient for sales job. She also won many performance award during her two years of working with us.

We wish her success in future.

Signatory Authority

Experience Letter for Sales Executive free Download
Experience Letter for Sales Executive free Download

Experience Letter format for Sales Executive

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Ms. Rosey Naeem employee of PTC worked for the position of Sales Executive for two years since 20XX. She has excellent communication skills and power of convincing to clients. She found number of satisfied clients for our business.

She also has excellent personality, good behaviour and leading skills to work with other team members.

This experience letter is issued on her request.


Signatory Authority

Sales Executive Experience Letter
Sales Executive Experience Letter

Experience Letter for Sales Executive

To whom it may concern,

It is to confirm you that Mr. Edward has been a part of our organisation’s sales and marketing department as a sales executive for a period of five years. His responsibilities included leading a sales team to achieve targets, input in marketing and sales strategies and managing the implementation of these strategic decisions.

During his job period, he has shown commendable leadership skills. He initiated and executed several successful sales campaigns and he has adept knowledge of the market and is a high achiever in terms of target accomplishment. We wish him best of luck for his future endeavours.


General Manager.

Experience Letter for Sales Executive

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir,

It is hereby certified that Mr. John has worked as Sales Executive for over three years in our company. During his stay he has proved himself to be a valuable asset and dutiful person to the company.

On his service, he was always dutiful and showed best of his behaviour. He was professional and proficient at the job he was given. He has truly boosted the performance of the company.

Mr. John is therefore endorsed for any company or job he is applying into.


Area Sales Manager

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