Letter to Father for Gift

Sample format of a personal letter to send to your father, mother, brother and asking them to send you a special gift as your birthday is approaching .

Letter to Father for Laptop Gift

Dear Dad,

I hope you are doing well in health and enjoying your trip. I am good too and mom is well. I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you that I want laptop, as I have wished this last semester and you promised to bring it from aboard whenever will you go. So here is the day, this is actually for reminding you  that please bring me a special present that will be laptop. It will be so much helpful for me if you bring the latest core laptop as the project I am currently working in my university will be done on that.

Mom was asking about your flight. Do let us know when you are coming back.

We are missing you Dad.

Come soon!
Take care.

Yours’ truly
Qasim Bhatti

Letter to Father for Gift

 Dear Father,

Hope you are all doing well. I am fine too. My university and job are going amazing and I even have 3.60 GPA! I can’t tell you guys how content I am. Also, the weather is amazing and it even snowed last week. You know how I have always wanted to see snowfall and it finally happened. Everything is going in flow smoothly because of your prayers. The only time it gets hard for me is when I feel homesick. I miss you guys a lot. Anyway, let’s not make it depressing.

My birthday is approaching and you know it has been my favorite day of the year since I was a kid. I want a very different and beautiful gift from you and mama this year.  I know that you are thinking that how I will recieve the gift. Well here is amazing news. My classes are off for 2 weeks starting 23rd of September and I have collected enough money to pay for my airfare. I am coming to meet you guys soon and feel ecstatic about it. Now please spend these left days in searching an astonishing gift for me and surprise me.

Give my greetings to mama and brother. See you guys soon.

Lots of love,

Fatima Aamir

11th September 2018

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