Love Letter to Someone You Like

Write a love letter to a girl for the first time. I was having a good girl in my life and wanted to marry her. but she has chosen someone else. I miss her a lot even after years and writing this love letter for her.

In this letter, I will be explaining and telling a girl how I feel love for her. Our friendship was ended but I am writing a love letter about missing someone. I will also convey to her a love message to meet and date again. I will write a love letter to get someone back in my life.

Sample letter to someone you like (Love Letter to Praise A Girl)

Dearest Hammna,

Believe me, you, you and only you are my true love and I love you so much.

It is been a long time since I saw you but I miss you daily. I hope you may have the same feeling and you will never forget my true love. Because hearts always get connected when we miss someone. This is not a day, week, month, or year, now many years are over and I am missing you badly. Sometimes I feel my heart think about you deeply.

I remember your stunning look, gorgeous face, your eyes, long hair, soft hands, and sweet voice and you just put me in deep thoughts. Simply I love you a lot.

I know you can’t join my life but I want to request a sweet date. You have my number just give me a call, message, WhatsApp, or comment here.

I assure you that this will be the most joyful day of your life. Please don’t reject my offer this time. I want to see you, my dearest girl.

Your one hug can make my life happiest and this is not a big deal. I will not have regrets that I couldn’t hug you. Give me a chance, please. I am sure you miss me too but shy to contact me. I am yours, my girl. We can meet privately at a restaurant. I will miss you a lot more and wait for your lovely response.

I can have a gift for you and your response can be the greatest surprise for me.

Only Yours,


I will welcome your advice for writing a new letter to her. I hope I can get her convinced to have a date with me.

Love letter to someone you like (Love Letter to Praise A Girl)

I will ask her for a gift idea prior to the meeting if she agreed and even I can get her shopping once she went with me. I gifted her some sweatpants and a shirt. She looked astonishing in my gifted dress. Because that looks a bit tight.

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