Message for a Boyfriend Who is Far Away

Want to write a message to a friend about marriage? This is a good example when a girl from the UK writes this message to someone in another country inviting him for marriage. The message is so sweet, full of prayer and future hopes.

This is true love and a real message. I wish for this great relationship hopes.

Sweet Message for Long Distance Relationship

Assalam, My dear, I’m ready to build a new life with you if you sincerely accept me from your heart. I want you to know that relationship is not all about a class of rich or poor, Language or culture, As for me, what matters the most is the understanding between us,  I hope all is going well with you over there, I wish you all the best with your family,

I have been reading all your mail here my dear.
I don’t even know how to express my feelings for now……
but I will always pray to the Almighty Allah at every moment for your
health and this our relationship……

I pray that you will be blessed at all times……
I pray for the safety of you and your family……….
I pray for our happiness to love each other……..
I pray for your success and promotion in everything you are doing…..

I pray for you not because of your handsomeness……..
I pray for you not because of your wealth or because of material things…….
I pray for you with my whole heart and believe  that Almighty Allah
will bring us together,

May he bless us and let this relationship be a new beginning of
greatest prosperity, Success, and happiness in our life. 

I know we are very far from each other, across the sea, ocean
but don’t worry very much, we will meet each other soon if our relationship gets stronger as I wish۔۔۔۔

Reply to the Relationship Message by a Boy

Wa Alaikum Salam, My dear Nabila BittiAmat, I just read your heart-touching message. My English is not good as my primary languages are URDU and Punjabi. so please avoid any mistakes and keep this in mind for the future. I can write English but am unable to speak (my English speaking needs improvement)I wish you true happiness in life and lots of prayers. here I am doing very well and I hope you are too. I will be happy to know more about you.
Let us move forward and discuss more ourselves. In last thanks for sending cute pictures…
You are welcome to visit me anytime. Here the weather is hot but in two months it will go romantic. 
Lots of love to you

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Love Letter to a Boyfriend to Start a Married New Life with Sincerity

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