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Leave Application for Marriage of Daughter

Sample leave application for daughter’s marriage to office, School or Factory etc. Daughter’s marriage is an important ceremony for every loving father and company allow leaves for marriage of daughters of the employees.

Leave Application for Daughter Marriage

Mr. Micheal Jackson,
TechSolution USA,

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing fine. I have told you about the marriage of my daughter and its happening on this Wednesday. I am very excited about the marriage of my daughter as it’s an occasion of happiness and joy. I have to arrange all the wedding arrangements on my own and for that I need leaves from work. You are well aware of the duties of a father especially on such occasions. My daughter is also expecting me to spend the last few days of her at home with me and whole family.

I am requesting you to please grant me leave for three days and I would be very pleased to you for this gentleness.

Thank You!

Marketing Manager

Sample leave application for daughter's marriage
Sample leave application for daughter’s marriage

Leave Application for Marriage of Daughter

HR Manager,
CWC Co. Inc.

Dear Sir,

It is to state that the marriage of daughter has been fixed on October 15th. I have only one daughter and I am the only one to organize all the functions for her wedding. Moreover a lot of shopping for her marriage is still pending. I want to make the biggest event of her life memorable.

You are requested to grant me leave for 10 days, dated Oct, 9th to Oct 18th from the office so that I might be able to prepare for the wedding of my daughter. You are also invited in the wedding to give bride your blessings. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,


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