Sister Marriage Leave Application for School

Sample leave application for sister marriage for school by the Students is available with many scenarios. Please select the best for your use.

Requesting Leave for Sister’s Marriage Functions

Dear Madam, I want to request three days’ leave to attend my sister’s marriage ceremony. The functions are already planned by the family from (date to date). I hope you will grant my request. Sincerely Yours, (Your Name & Class)

Sister’s Marriage Leave Application by Student

Dear Principal, I am Saba Ch. student of Msc Psychology in Kinnaird College seeking leave of three days to attend my elder sister’s marriage ceremony. I request you to please grant me leave of three days from 15th April to 17th April. I will be thankful to you. Sincerely, Saba Ch.

Sister’s Marriage Leave Application by Student

To Head of Department The University of Engineering, Lahore Subject: Leave Application for Sister’s Wedding Ceremony Dear Sir, It is to be stated with due respect that my sister’s wedding will be held next week. Currently, my sister is abroad, and since I am the only sister of her, I need to give ample amount of time to her wedding ceremony. From decorations, wedding gown designing, pre-wedding shoot, booking of the hall to catering services, I have to dedicate myself fully to the most important event of my sister’s life. It will be quite difficult for me to catch up with my studies during the wedding week, and therefore I would request you to please grant me leave for one week. I would also like to invite you to the wedding ceremony as our teacher officially and highly appreciate your presence. Since you were her one of the favorite teachers, she would be delighted to hear from you. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration. Sincerely Yours, Fatima

Application for Leave of Elder Sister Marriage Ceremony

Dear Principal, I am a student of O-Levels section C1, Barki Campus, and my enrl# is 563H. I have one elder sister, and now my elder sister’s marriage ceremony will be held on Friday Dated: 13th February of this month. I request you to please approve my two days leave of Thursday, and Friday 12th, and 13 February accordingly. I want to celebrate Mehndi’s function on the 12th. Looking for your kind approval. Sincerely, Kanza

Leave Application for Sister Marriage to Principal

To, The Principal, Dear Sir, It is stated that I need two days to leave because of My Sister’s marriage held on the 2nd, and 3rd of Feb. She is my only sister, and I have many responsibilities to arrange, and manage everything on the above days. Please allow me to leave for two days. I will be thankful to you. Yours Obediently, Sherazi, Class 10th

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage to School

The Principal. My younger sister’s marriage has going to be held from January 30th Jan to Feb 3rd. That is why I cannot come to school. I want to take leave for 3 days to attend the marriage. Please give me leave for 3days. I shall be very thankful to you. Yours obediently, Aana

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