Request for Staff Replacement in Office

Do you want to request staff replacement? We will add three letters and e-mail examples to ask for staff replacement, employee replacement, worker replacement, manager,supervisor, and assistant replacement with reasons. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new customized letter or e-mail for your office needs.

How do I ask for the Replacement of a Lazy Employee?

I will write an example letter for the replacement of an employee.

Respected HR,

I want you to know that the office staff you have provided to me is working very slowly that cannot fulfill our requirements. We cannot achieve our targets on time. I request you to provide me with a new staff member so we can fulfill our targets. I will be appreciative to you.

Thank you,

(your Name, Designation)

Request Letter for Replacement of new employee (when an employee resigns)

I will be writing a sample letter requesting the replacement of resigned staff.

Respected HR,

I want to request you to provide me with the employee because the previous employee has resigned due to his health issues there is a bundle of work in the office which cannot be completed on time. So I request you to provide me with a new employee to meet my targets.

Thank You,

(Your Name, Designation)

How do you write an e-mail to the client for the replacement of an employee?

Respected Client,

I request for the replacement of your employee. He is lazy as well as rude. He did not even fulfill the required instructions. Work could not be completed on time due to his laziness. I request you to replace this employee with a hardworking and well-mannered employee. I will be grateful to you for this humbleness.

Thank You,

(Your Name, Designation)

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