Sample Event Summary for Internship Program Ceremony

Below is an example of an event report that was organized for internship guidance. Many universities participated so that their students can secure the top spot. Overall the whole event was a raging success.

Internship  Event Summary Report

A great inauguration ceremony of the internship program was held at AH Foundation on (Date) in the main seminar hall of RSI. The chief guest of the ceremony was Syed Rehan Gillani, Chief Executive Guardian International, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Samin Mir. President of RSE & WS Dr. Abdul Tawab Khan, Vice President Mehmood Ahmad, Finance Secretary Col(r) Saleem Raza Khan were also present in the ceremony. The audience comprises 145 volunteers from various Institutions such as Aitchison College, LUMS, Beaconhouse, City School, Lahore ALMA, LACAS, SICAS, LGS, DPS, College of Home Economics, Kinnaird College who participated in the Internship Program.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by a presentation by Dr. Abdul Tawab on the various types of Intellectually Impaired children. Then, he gave a thought-provoking speech describing the challenges mentally disabled children face daily and enlightened us with the success stories of RSI.

The ceremony further proceeded by showing two documentaries to raise awareness about special children to the younger generation. Finally, the ceremony ended with a speech given by the honorable chief guest Syed Rehman Gillan who expressed his support and appreciation for RSI for their relentless efforts towards this noble cause.

Sample Event Summary Organized For Internship Program

In Summer Vacations, Punjab Revenue Authority held an internship for Secondary School Students. The internship was about the tax system in our country and the problems that arose from it. It was a twelve days internship that was divided into 3 phases. In the first phase, all the interns attended sessions to learn about the whole tax collection procedure; the authorities present its distribution and slideshows and lectures from the authorities. At the end of the internship time, a question-answer session was held.

After ensuring that all the interns have gotten basic knowledge about Taxation, we moved to the second phase. In this first, they told us about how some Restaurants collect tax from the customers but do not forward it to the government. Then, they told us about the new system introduced, which was known as “RIMS,” and how very few people know about it. In the next part, we had to visit popular malls and places where we can target many audiences and distribute brochures of RIMS along with some basic guidance. This was an interesting part, and I very once enjoyed it.

During the last phase, we made advertisements for further awareness and wrote reports on our experience and its benefits. Finally, this internship ended with a Ceremony where certificates were distributed along with a very yummy dinner.

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