Sample Shipping Quotation Formats

Sample Shipping quotation samples for for exporting containers, cloths, goods, fruits, vegetables, etc.

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Shipping Quotation Format

Dear Sir,

Please see below our actual Expanses detail i have just added my Agency charges as my Profit

Base #               1100USD (Till Felixstowe- UK)

ENS                   25 USD

Haulage #           490GBP (Felixstowe to ur Door)

DTHC #              120GBP
DSC #                25GBP
Port Security #    10.50GBP
Infra #               10.50GBP
Lahore to Karachi: At Actual
Karachi Custom Clearance: 1(Date).00

Agency Charges: 5000.00

For any further assistance, Please feel free to contact us

Quotation Format for Shipping

CMA CMG Revised, and another option as follows,

PKR 260,000

Carrier: CMA CGM

Cut off: Tuesday

Sailing:  Thursday

Service: Direct

T.Time:  25-Days for Southampton


PKR 265,000


Cut off: Wednesday

Sailing:  Friday

Service: Direct

T.Time:  32-Days for Tilbury


Quotation Format for Exports

Dear Sir,

Best possible rate will be  PKR 273,000 without Transportation.

Carrier: CMA CGM

Cut off: Tuesday

Sailing:  Thursday

Service: Direct

T.Time:  25-Days for Southampton

I will work out on some other options as well, will revert you on Monday again.


Final Rates Quotation for Shipping

Dear Sir,

Best possible lump sum quotation will be as follows,

Carrier: CMA CGM

Quotation: PKR 219,000  (Lump Sum)

Cut off:  Every Tuesday

Sailing:   Every Thursday

T.Time: 25 Days for Southampton

Service: Direct from Karachi to Southampton

Carrier: Hamburg Sud

Quotation: PKR 221,000  (Lump Sum)

Cut off:  Every Wednesday

Sailing:   Every Friday

T.Time:  32 Days for Tilbury

Service: Direct from Karachi to Tilbury

Note: Transportation is not inclusive in above rates.



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