Application for Construction of Computer Lab in School

This letter can be used by a department head, teacher, staff head, principal to be sent to head office, head quarters, or flagship authority for upgrading the current lab, construction of a new lab, or extending the size of the lab due to increase in number of students in universities, colleges, or schools.

Application for increasing the size of Computer Lab in School

To whom it my concern,

I am writing this letter to request for upgrading the current computer lab that is operating in (name of branch) under (name of department). Every year the number of enrolling students is increasing, and so is the need of new bigger lab. Due to huge number of students, the current lab size does not support the classes to be conducted in an efficient manner.

Moreover, we have been receiving complains because students can not get enrolled in one time slot, and the other time slot has a clash, or is simply not feasible to them. Even the teachers are not willing to conduct two classes instead one, and that is creating a lot of problem. So therefore, it is requested to please increase the size of the lab so that we continue to deliver high quality education to the students with a comfortable environment.

Best regards,

(Name of the writer)

(position of the writer)

Application for replacing the current outdated equipment in school computer lab with a new one

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as a matter of sheer urgency. I am writing to request for replacing the current equipment that includes PCs, and CPUs in the lab. Our current computer lab has been serving its purpose for (number of years), and now the current system is outdated, and is no longer serving its purpose efficiently. The current computers do not support new softwares which are a need for our courses.

They also do not support the existing softwares, and upon the use of current softwares, the computers slow down, and shut them off on their own. We have received many complaints of student loosing their work in between, and that further results in wasting of their precious time. As the number of enrolling students are increasing, the current computers do not support such a large number of in storage data. Therefore, it is requested to replace the current equipments with a new one so that we can continue to deliver our best to the students.

Best regards,

name, and post of of writer.

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