Request Letter for Imprest Money

Sample application letter for imprest money, petty cash for routine expenses, or regular expenses in office, school, college, university, company, or factory.

Imprest money is used for minor daily expenses where a certain monthly amount is fixed for this purpose. A petty cash voucher is maintained to record these entries in each case. How to request imprest? Please check the below letters.

Sample Email Application Letter Requesting Imprest Cash/Petty Cash

Subject: Requesting Imprest Money for Office Needs

Dear Sir,

I request you to fix $1000 interest money for our admin office so that we can meet our day-to-day needs. Because taking payment from the accounting office takes a lot of time. Many times, we have been facing troubles.

$1000 will be enough initially, but after a month or two we can revise it.
I hope you will approve this small amount as soon as possible.

Thanking You in Advance.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Sample Letter to Request Imprest Money (Increase-Imprest-Cash)

Letter for requesting imprest

Mr. Smith

Head Office

Barclays, UK

Dear Sir,

I have closed all the journals and books for the last month, and I also have sent all the cash received by the branch to the Head Office through the banking channel as per ordered. However, I have had a few issues with the petty cash remaining at the branch. As you know that a large number of clients visit the branch daily for services, it can be observed from the books that the amount of imprest is quite minimal.

Therefore, I would like to request you increase the amount of imprest so all petty expenses can be met without hesitation. Also, I have mentioned in the monthly report that the delivery of checkbooks is quite slow, because of which I have been receiving many complaints from the clients. Therefore, I hope you will look into this matter as well. Thank you.

Mr. Frank Dussel

Branch Manager

Barclays, Slough

Request For Issuance of Imprest Cash

Dear Sir,

I request immediate issuance of imprest cash as the remaining balance is 0.00, and the money is urgently needed. In the previous month, imprest cash was not issued, and many tiny works were pending, including light bulbs, battery cells, repair and maintenance work, and some cleaning equipment.

I will be grateful if you can issue the imprest cash immediately to fulfill the needs. Again, I will be thankful for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Imprest Cash/Money

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