Request Letter for Heater in Office/Class

Sample letter to request the heater in office, department, cabin, class, room, lab, meeting room, hall etc to manger, or principal.

Request Letter for Heater in Office/Class

Dear landlord

I am writing to you because I would like to make a request. It is coming up to winter, and you know that I hold night time classes in this office for the people who can’t afford to pay the government fees, or they are past the age of free education. Most of the time it is occupied by adults that weren’t able to get any education.

However I do hold regular classes for the parents of children to come, and have a play time. The office don’t have a heater, and I would like to have one built in so that the people who come into the office can come Into a nice warm place out of the freezing cold air of outside. This would mean a lot. Please could you get one installed as soon as you can? Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Thomas Cook

Request Letter for Heater in Office/Class

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this letter on the behalf of whole class/office that as cold is increasing day by day, and it is now becoming difficult for whole class/ office employees to study/work in so much cold. So we want you to arrange heaters as it is a basic need. Please do this as soon as possible.



CR/Office Manager

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