Sample Request Letter for Approval of Project

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Request Letter for Approval of Project

Mr. Laurent Diaz
National College of Science
London, UK

Sir, I am David Camron, and I am a student of philosophy at your respectable university. With due respect I have to inform you that I, along with my team, have been working on a project that will allow access to free fresh water without any variable cost. To experiment this project, we require some fund as well as your approval. Kindly allow us to work on something that could influence lives in a better way. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

David Camron
Philosophy Department

Request Letter for Approval of Project

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I’m good too. I am writing this letter so that I can request you to approve my project, as I have sent you the details, and PowerPoint presentation yesterday. Sir I have made this after uphill struggle, and lots of research, I hope you won’t find any mistake in it.

Please it’s a request to approve it; I guarantee you that this project will give you masses profit. For that,

Go through the presentation in detail.

Hoping for positive response


Mr. Aqeel Butt

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