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Sample Resume of Economics and Politics

Urooj Ashraf

Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

11/04/1090         Phone: 0300-1234567                     Email:



Seeking as internship that would utilize and enhance my communication skills and leadership capabilities in a way that is beneficial to both the organization and myself.


LGS School System                                                                                                                          2007-2009

O Levels                                                                                                                                               8 A’s

Roots College International                                                                                                         2009-2011

AS Levels                                                                                                                                             4 A’s, 1 B

A Levels                                                                                                                                               4 B’s

Lahore University of Management Sciences                                                                        2011-2015

BSc (Honors)

Major: Economics and Politics

Relevant Courses: Writing and Communication; Principals of Business Management;

Topics in Development Economics



SOS Hermann Gmeiner Girls High School, Rawalpindi                                                      June 2010

English Language Teacher

Social Sciences Teacher

  • Volunteered to building writing and communication skills of the underprivileged girls
  • Used creative methodologies to explain difficult concepts
  • Motivated students to pursue higher education

The Citizens Foundation, Lahore                                                                                                               July 2012

Volunteer for Summer Camp

  • Worked towards building writing and communication skills of the underprivileged students
  • With the help of games, helped children understand important concepts such as organizing themselves and team building
  • Motivated students to pursue higher education
  • Through activities such as drama and singing, tried to bring out special talents of children

Other Experience

Freelancer writer                                                                                                                             May 2012 to present

Extra-curricular activities

LUMS Community Service Society (LCSS), Lahore                                                              September 2012 to present

Member of events team LCSS

  • Volunteered to organize several events such as Olympics for special children, awareness for autism, blood drivers, visits to SOS, book drives, visit of care foundation students to LUMS

LUMS Model United Nations (LUMUN), Lahore                                                 September 2011 to Present

Member Registration Department LUMUN 2011

Assistant Director Registration Department LUMUN 2012

Conference Manager FallMUN’2013 by LUMUN

Director Accommodation LUMUN 2013

Director Registration Youth Leadership Parliament 2014 by LUMUN

Research & Projects

  • Research Paper “Should organ trade be legalized in Pakistan”                                     May 2012

For the Course “Writing and Communication”, discussing the implications of legalizing organ trade in Pakistan.

  • Project “Business Management Report”                                                                                               April 2012

For the course “Principles of Business Management”, based on the application of theoretical concepts to a small scale business

  • Research Paper “How effective was the introduction of corporate farming in Pakistan?”

May 2012

For the Course “Class Structure of Pakistan”

  • Research Paper “How is Pakistan doing towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals?”

April 2013

For the Course “Topics in development”, tracking Pakistan’s progress towards achieving the 8 Millennium Development Goals Defined by the UN


  • 6th position on national level – International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest       2010
  • Certificate of Achievement –LGS School System                                                                                2008
  • Certificate of Achievement –LGS School System                                                                                2009
  • Certificate of Outstanding Performance – LGS School System                                     2010
  • Award of Academic Excellence – LGS School System                                                        2011

Lahore University of Management Sciences

Sample Resume of Economics Major
Sample Resume of Economics Major

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