Resume For O-Level & A-Levels Students with Experience

Resume for O-Level students and A-Level Students. This resume is taken from a student of Cambridge University and work experience in the United States. Sample Resume with Experience of Floor Supervisor, Sales Associate, and Cashier available for free download.

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Resume for O-Level

Ms. Mariam
Defence Housing Authority
Lahore Pakistan
Tel: 0300-1234567

Professional inspiration:

To attain employment with an International organization to enhance core competencies, contribute my work experience, and utilize my abilities to achieve goals for future growth.


  • ·         Proficient in MS Windows/MS Outlook exchange/10 keys
  • ·         Great customer skills
  • ·         Good spoken and written skills
  • ·         Punctual, trustworthy, and dependable
  • ·         Quick learner, able to multi-task
  • ·         Organizational skills

Educational Certification:

  • ·         IELTS  (International English Language Testing System), British Council, Pakistan  (Date)
  • ·         “ A ‘ Level (Advance Level) Renaissance School, Pakistan                           (Date)
  • ·         Certificate Accounting Technician, ACCA SCANS, Pakistan                         (Date)
  • ·         GEC “ O “ levels, University of Cambridge, UK                                               (Date)

Work Experience :

Ross Stores      Inc.  USA – Sales Associate                  June (Date)         (Date)

Ross Stores  Inc.  USA-    Floor Supervisor                  June (Date)       June  (Date)

I started my carrier as Sales Associate at Ross Stores Inc. in June (Date), and handled sales and cash register successfully; promoted to Floor Supervisor in June (Date), and served till (Date)

Responsibilities as sales associate:

  • ·         Performed my duties successfully by using (FAST & TRUE) method
  • ·         Performed accurate sales transactions either by cash/cheque or credit cards.
  • ·          Opening and closing of the cash register
  • ·         Balancing and handing over cash, receipts, and checks to the in charge
  • ·         Timely arrange and maintained the till for change/cash for fast transaction
  • ·         Maintained the organization of the store
  • ·         Closely monitored the bar code/tags and compare the right price for clearance items before cashing out to protect against theft.
  • ·         Provided customer service support by replying to their queries either by phone or in person.

Responsibilities as Floor Supervisor:

  • ·         Responsible for opening and closing the store by using security code
  • ·         Train new associates for till, and as sales associates
  • ·         Supervised a team of associates on duty to maintain the store’s organization, cleanliness, and smooth running.
  • ·         Responsible for returns/refunds/exchanges
  • ·         Supervise, and rearrange the store for clearance items
  • ·         Record daily sales and maintain a record
  • ·         Prepare a comparison of sales and targeted sales at the end of the shift, and report to the Manager daily.
  • ·         Close each till/cash register at the end of the shift, pull out the sales transaction details, prepare paperwork, log, and do the bank drop daily
  • ·         Make weekly rooster

Marks & Spencer, UK – Cashier                                                        August (Date) to Jan. (Date)

  • ·         Performed sales transaction at cash register either by cash, checks, or credit cards
  • ·         Opening and closing of the cash register
  • ·         Balancing and handing over cash, receipts/checks, and receipts to in charge
  • ·         Organized the shelves and did stocking
  • ·         Maintained the organization of the store
  • ·         Completed any other task assigned by Manager


  • ·         Playing basketball and cricket
  • ·         Listening to Music

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