Quotation Format in Corel Draw, and PDF Files

Quotation Format in Corel Draw, and PDF Files for your office. This quotation can be used for multi-purposes within, and outside the companies. This quotation is very good for shops, small business, and after sales services. Sample quotation includes company logo, company name, address, and telephone, numbers of the vendor, and all the customer information … Continue reading “Quotation Format in Corel Draw, and PDF Files”

Disability Certificate Format In Word for Free Download

Sample Disability Certificate Format is available for free download in ms word and ms excel. This sample disability certificate template is normally used to get government benefits for disabled children or persons and get jobs in the government sector or in multinational companies. Certificate of disability includes the type of disability and cause of disability … Continue reading “Disability Certificate Format In Word for Free Download”

Payslip Format in Word Free Download

Sample payslip format in word document is available for free download for offices, factories, mills, and production units. This Pay slip is also available in excel format, and known as wage slip for salary payments. Please visit payslip in excel, or salary slip format for more options. Sample Payslip Template SemiOffice.Com Salary Slip for the Month of April … Continue reading “Payslip Format in Word Free Download”

Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download

Do you need a goods issuance form template? We are giving you sample Goods Issuance Form Format free for Office, Factory, Production Units, Store Keepers, Store In-charge, etc. Goods Issuance forms are widely used to issue store items for employees, workers, and staff members. These forms are also kept for record-keeping of the stock and … Continue reading “Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download”

Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility

AGREEMENT FOR BANKING FACILITY FOR [company] With reference to the meeting with Mr. __________, and Mr._____________ on dated 20TH Oct, (Date) regarding the Banking Facility for [company]. It was agreed as follow: Scope of work: [company] (Consultant) will provide consultancy services to make financing arrangements with one of the scheduled Bank for [company]. Target: Bank Guarantee … Continue reading “Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility”

Sample Proposal for Construction Services

Format of covering letter for sending sample proposal for Construction Management Services to your clients. Please read the letter carefully, and make amendments as per your needs. This letter also include attachments. But if you don’t have the attachments with your proposal than you must remove the words for attachment, and you can add all the … Continue reading “Sample Proposal for Construction Services”

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download

Sample Internal Work Order Form Template is available for free download. This form is normally used for creating, or placement of internal work orders for company clients. Below internal work order form is taken from a company. So you can customize the form as per your work category, business type, etc. Internal work order widely … Continue reading “Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download”

Sample Transport Indent Form Format Free Download

Sample Transport indent form for companies is available for free download in word, and excel formats.                             Sample Indent Form SemiOffice Corp  Transport Indent Form Date: ……………………. User’s Name          Signature            Designation          E. Code Name……………………. Snr.Deputy Manager……………………. Name……………………. Asst. Manager……………………. Name……………………. Snr. … Continue reading “Sample Transport Indent Form Format Free Download”

Internal Job Order Form Format for Office

This is the Internal Job Order Form for daily maintenance with the company offices like up-gradations, service of machines, and computers, service of electronics, and electric machines transport services, van maintenance, car maintenance, etc. Internal Job Order forms are widely used in offices, factories, businesses to assign job tasks with detailed guidelines, timelines, and specifications … Continue reading “Internal Job Order Form Format for Office”

Requisition Format for Company Club Services

Sample requisition form format is available for free download in word, and excel formats. This requisition format sample is used to acquire company club services, company hotel, company cafe, and can be used for function arrangements in schools, colleges, and universities. This requisition form hires service providers for its internal functions, and arrangements, workforce, and … Continue reading “Requisition Format for Company Club Services”