Quotation Format in Corel Draw and PDF Files

Quotation Format in Corel Draw and PDF Files for your office. This quotation can be used for multi-purposes within and outside the companies. This quotation is very good for shops, small business and after sales services.

Sample quotation includes company logo, company name, address and telephone, numbers of the vendor and all the customer information like customer name, address, company and telephone numbers.

In the main section it includes columns for serial number, quantity of the product/items, description of the products/items, unit price and than total price.

In the end it also includes terms and conditions of the issued quotation like validity and order processing time, payment schedule, tax information, and the authorized signatures of issuing party.

Quotation Format Samples

Quotation Format in Corel Draw
Quotation Format in Corel Draw and PDF Files

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Disability Certificate Format In Word for Free Download

Sample Disability Certificate Format is available for free download in ms word and ms excel. This sample disability certificate template normally used to get govt benefits for disabled children or persons and to get jobs in govt sector or in multinational companies. Certificate of disability include type of disability and cause of disability as evidence with recommendations to perform jobs or any special tasks where the disability doesn’t matter or disturb the performance of disable person.

This certificate can be issued by govt departments on simple letter head or printed certificate format. Doctors and Hospitals can also use this per forma to issue disability certificates or can recommend the person to get disability certificate with this per forma.

Disability Certificate Sample





DATED—————-                                                                                     REG. No. PCRDP———————




  1. Name: ——————————————-   2. Father’s Name: ————————————–
  2. Spouse: —————————————–   4. NIC/CNIC/NICOP No: ——————————-
  3. Date of Birth: ———————————-    6. Type of Disability: ———————————–
  4. Qualification: ———————————-    8. Nature of Disability: ——————————–
  5. Cause of Disability: —————————
  6. Permanent Address: —————————————————————————————————
  7. Present Address: ——————————————————————————————————–
  8. Finding of the Board                       (i)            Fit to Work —–                                (ii)           Not fit to work——
  9. Recommendation of the Board


(i)                  —————————————————————-

(ii)                —————————————————————-

(iii)               —————————————————————-

Name: ————————————

Chairman, Assessment Board

Secretary PCRDP/D.G.S.W or

His Representative                                                                                  District: ———————————–


Disability Certificate Format
Disability Certificate Format

Payslip Format in Word Free Download

Sample payslip format in word document is available for free download for offices, factories, mills and production units. This Pay slip is also available in excel format and known as wage slip for salary payments. Please visit payslip in excel or salary slip format for more options.

Sample Payslip Template


Salary Slip for the Month of April 2013

Name: Ayesha Urooj Gross Salary: 15K  Net Salary: 15K Designation: Mngr
Processing Month: 04-13 Working Days: 30 Absence: 1 Leaves: 0







Basic Salary


Income Tax




Van Fare










Total Earning


Total Deduction


Net Payment:


Payee’s Signature________________
Accounts Officer         Finance Secretary   Chief Executive

Download Sample Payslip format in MS Word from below link

Payslip Format in Word Free Download
Payslip Format in Word Free Download

Details of Payslip: Above Available payslip Format for download includes basic salary, allowance, arrears, Income Tax, Van Fare, security deposit and deductions section. Word format of payslip is simple with manual calculations. The first row of payslip includes gross salary, net salary, working days, leaves and absents for a particular month.

Usage Instructions

Please download the attached Ms Word file for sample pay slip. If the attachment is not showing don’t worry just copy and paste the above format in Ms Word file and make adjustments. Change all the desired information(personal information, salary breakups, payee signature, net payment etc) and your payslip will be ready to be used and get it printed on plain paper with authorized signatures.

Purpose of Payslip

It is a most widely used document issued by employers and companies and required by the employees and staff members as a certificate that they have worked with the employer and have earned the pay amount with following allowances and tax deductions.

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Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download

Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download for Office, Factory, Production Units, Store Keepers, Store In-charge etc

Goods Issuing Form

Goods/Items Received by:

Name: __________________________ Father’s Name: _________________________________

Designation: ____________________Organization / Department: _________________________

Address Office: _________________________________________________________________

Contact # Office ______________________ Cell # _____________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________

Sr# Description Signature


Received From: ______________________ Designation: ______________________________

Department: ____________________________________   Date: _____ /______ /_________

Terms and Conditions:

Please note safety of received goods is the sole responsibility of the recipient. All items must be returned back in the same condition as received. Any loss or theft will be the responsibility of the recipient.


Received By                                                                                        Issued By

_______________                                                                              ______________________

Sign____________                                                                             Sign__________________

Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download
Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download

Goods Issuance Form Format Free Download

Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility


With reference to the meeting with Mr. __________ and Mr._____________ on dated 20TH Oct, 2016 regarding the Banking Facility for [company]. It was agreed as follow:

Scope of work:

[company] (Consultant) will provide consultancy services to make financing arrangements with one of the scheduled Bank for [company].

Target: Bank Guarantee up to Rs.10 to 15 Millions

Running Finance up to Rs. 10 to15 Millions

Total Limit Approval required: Rs. 25. To Rs. 30.0 Million with condition to having caution (60% of the market value ) in the property which he is offering

1. [company] will provide all required documents and will provide on demand.

  1. [Name] will try to get minimum Bank mark up for both LG (0.3%PQ) and RF (6 month KIBOR+3% ).

3. [Name] will try to get the Financing Arrangement with in max. one and half month

(45) days period with condition to provide all the relevant document and the funds on time.

Consultancy payments:

1. [company] will pay 4% of the total approved Bank limit on Running Finance and 4% on the Bank Guarantee value (Cash margin will be charged as per the policy of State Bank at that time).

2. [company] will make the payment for misc. expenses up to Rs. 150,000/- as and when needed basis. Balance payments will be made from the approved RF through Bank.

  1. Partial payments of Rs. 150,000 will be adjusted from the balance payment.

4. [company] will not make any other payments to Bank or any other concerned dept. [Name] will be responsible to deal will all concerned department’s until DAC issued by the Bank.

5. [company] has no right to back out after receiving the offer letter from the bank if he will do so then he will have to pay the agreed amount on his own source.

  1. In case Financing Arrangements are not approved by the scheduled Bank as agreed, [Name] will pay back (100%) payment to [company] with in 7 days without any notice.

Agreed and Signed on 20th Oct, 2016

Name 1: ______________________ Name 2:______________________

Witness: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________________

Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility
Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility

Sample Proposal for Construction Services

Format of covering letter for sending sample proposal for Construction Management Services to your clients. Please read the letter carefully and make amendments as per your needs. This letter also include attachments. But if you don’t have the attachments with your proposal than you must remove the words for attachment and you can add all the specification on the same letter if it is short.

Proposal of Construction Services


Subject: Proposal for the Construction Services of Commercial Shops

With reference to your inquiry and detailed discussion regarding the above cited subject. We are submitting herewith our Revised Final proposal for your kind consideration. Details as follows:

  1. Building Structure
  2. Material to be used

Detailed BOQ unit rates and salient feature of contract (2) pages are attached herewith. We hope that you will find our rates most competitive in all respects. If you need any further information or details Please feel free to contact us.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services. We remain

Your Sincerely,

Your Name and Signatures


Proposal for the Construction Services Covering Letter
Proposal for the Construction Services Covering Letter

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download

Sample Internal Work Order Form Template is available for free download. This form normally used for creating or placement of internal work orders for company clients.

Company Name & Logo

Work Order

To   Type of Job
Maint Maintenance SR#
W.S Development Date
Elect Fabrication From
Civil Repairing Reg #
Utility Manufacturing
Others Construction


Kindly Arrange As Described Below

Sr# Description of Work and Location Quantity


NOTE:  Follow is being send wth for further details.

  1. Drawing
  2. Sample
  3. Sketch

Requested By                    Section Head                     Approved By                      Department Head


Date of Completion______________________ Verified By_________________________

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download,
Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download,

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download

Sample Transport Indent Form Format Free Download

Sample Transport indent form for companies is available for free download in word and excel formats.

                            Sample Indent Form

SemiOffice Corp

 Transport Indent Form




            User’s Name              Signature                    Designation                E. Code

  1. Name                                                          Snr.Deputy Manager
  2. Name                                                          Asst. Manager
  3. Name                                                          Snr. Dpty Manager
  4. Name                                                          Account Officer
  5. Ext.________
  6. Purpose: Official/ Personal________________________________________
  7. Time Form ___________________ Hrs. To ____________________Hrs.
  8. Destination____________________________________________________
  9. Rout___________________________________________________________
  10. Section Head Signature ____________________________________________
  11. Sanctioning Authority / H O D

Main Gate Office Use

  1. Vehicle No___________________ Driver Name _________________________


  1.  Time Out ____________________Hrs Time In _______________________Hrs


  1. Meter Out ___________________ Km. In ___________________________Km


  1. Distance Covered _______________________________________________Km


  1. Signature A.S.O ___________________________________________________


  1. Signature C.S.O ____________________________________________________


  1. Driver’ Remarks ____________________________________________________


Sample Transport Indent Form Format Free Download
Sample Transport Indent Form Format Free Download

Internal Job Order Form Format for Office

This is Internal Job Order Form for daily maintenance with the company offices like up-gradations, service of machines and computers, service of electronics and electric machines, transports services, van maintenance, car maintenance etc.

Sample Internal Job Order Form

Company Name

Unit Name



Job Form

                       Date: –


Department: –


  Power On



Indented by:-

(Employ Code & Name & Computer Number)



             Software                                                                        Hardware

New Development System

Computer Repair


New Program

Printer Repair

New Report

UPS Repair

New Network Connection

Network Repair

New User on Server

Scanner Repair


New User on Oracle

New Email Account

New Software Installation

Change in Program

Change in Report


My monitor is out of order .

Indented by


               Department Head


         Chief Financial Controller

For MIS Use

 Received Date: –



Received By:-


Job Attend Date: –



Job Attend By: –


User Signature: –






Internal JOB FORM Format for Office
Internal JOB FORM Format for Office

Internal JOB FORM Format for Office

Requisition Format for Company Club Services

Sample requisition form format is available for free download in word and excel formats. This requisition format sample is used for acquiring services of company club, company hotel, company cafe and can be used for function arrangements in schools, colleges and universities. This requisition form is to hire service providers within the company for its internal functions and arrangements, manpower and for purchase.

Requisition Form Sample

(This requisition must reach to concerned authorities 3 days prior to scheduled stay)



Host Name:__________________________Designation:______________________________


Guest Name:___________________________________________________________________________

Guest Organization Name:________________________________________________________________

With Country Name


Nature of Stay: Official / Private____________________________________________________________

Stay From: ________________________ To: _______________________


Facilities Required: (on BTC Basis)

□ Accommodation □ Dinning all Meals

□ Breakfast only □ Lunch only

□ Dinner only □ Local calls only

□ Out-Station Calls too □ Refreshment

Others, Please Specify__________________________________________________

Any Specific Choice in meals:______________________________________________________



Recommended By: ______________________________________________

(Concerned Dy. General Manager / General Manager)


For Office Use Only


Request Accorded / Refused

Nishat Club Committee Manager Admin & HR Controller Finance

Requisition Format for Stay of Guests at Company Club
Requisition Format for Stay of Guests at Company Club