Application For Medical Allowance Issuance Sample

Sample Application For Medical Allowance Issuance to company, or department. For availing medical allowance you need to submit medical bills of on panel hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors.

Medical Allowance Sample Application

To: Director
AH Foundation

Subject: Application for Medical Allowance Issuance

Dear Sir,

I am Hamza working as brand manager at AH Foundation, Lahore since 5 years. I am writing to request you for issuance of my medical allowance as per company policy. Last month I was sick, and couldn’t attend my office for medical reasons. Now I have recovered from sickness, and joined back my office from 1st March. I got all the treatment from hospital in company’s panel list.

I have attached all the bills from hospitals, and pharmacies with this application for clearance of my medical allowance as per company policy. I request you to please issue all medical allowance payment as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Brand Manager
AH Foundation

Request Letter for Medical Allowance

The Director,
Linker’s Organization

Subject: Application for Medical Allowance Issuance

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I am Ali Murtaza, working in your organization as a Customer Relation Officer, in ABC branch since last three years. I want you to permit me to drag your kind attention towards an issue of mine. The cause is, according to the policy of our organization medical allowance, and fuel allowance are given to employees after their probationary period is over, and they are directed towards permanent job, and their designation. As per my appointment letter my medical allowance will be provided to me in case of serious emergencies.

I want to inform you that I have experience a severe accident last week, and have got a joint disorder. For about a month I will be on bed rest, and won’t be able to move. I also have got serious injuries on face. In this condition of mine I am not able to join office until, and unless I am perfectly alright as doctors have prescribed me complete stress free movement of my muscles, otherwise I might suffer from dreadful disorder. This time I am really in bad health, and nature of my job is to meet people, and contact them in person. My presence in this type of situation will not impart a good impression.

My treatment is still going on, and all my medicines along with check ups are from organization’s panel. I want you to kindly release the medical allowance so that these payments can be cleared up as soon as possible. As per the policy of company, attached are the bills from hospital, and laboratories where my testes were conducted. I assure you that I will join as soon as I will heal up. I shall be highly obliged for this favor of yours.

Thanking you I remain,

Ali Murtaza
Customer Relation Officer.
Linker’s Organization.

Application For Medical Allowance Issuance Sample
Application For Medical Allowance Issuance Sample

Application for Medical Allowance

The Accounts Manager,
XYZ p.v.t Ltd,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I had knee injury three months ago as a result of road accident. I undergone my treatment, and partially recovered from pain. From the past one week, I was feeling pain again in my knee so I showed up to my doctor. After all medical checkups, I was advised to undergo a knee surgery in order to get permanent relief from the pain.

I request you to requisite the amount of money I will have to spend on my treatment in the consent of medical allowance for employees.

I shall be very grateful to you

Yours sincerely,

Assistant Manager Accounts.

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