Salary Deduction Letter to Employee

Sample Warning Letter to Employee For Salary Deduction by HR Department. When an employee is slacking in his work its important to send him a reminder notice that how he is lucky to have a job, and what’s it worth via warning email. Example Salary Deduction Letter To Employee Due To Absence To, Mr. Clay … Continue reading “Salary Deduction Letter to Employee”

Warning Letter for Teacher Absenteeism

Warning letter for absence without approval. Warning letter to employee for unauthorized absence. Warning letter to employee for excessive absence. Letter to the employee regarding the unauthorized absence. Warning Letter to Teacher for Leave Without Information Dear Madam, You have been absent for the past week and did not inform the administration. In case of … Continue reading “Warning Letter for Teacher Absenteeism”

Apology Letter for Being Absent Due to Sickness

Sample application letter to apologize for the absents you have without informing your boss, or office. Apology for Being absent from Work The Divisional Engineer Lahore Subject: Apology for Being Absent Dear Sir, I feel sorry to be absent from office yesterday due to sudden sickness. I could not even convey my application. Actually I did try … Continue reading “Apology Letter for Being Absent Due to Sickness”

Absent From Work Explanation Letter

Sample explanation letter for absent to work or being absent from your office. Request letter from an employee to the general manager requesting him to accept the reason for being absent from the work or job. Absent from Work Without Permission (Without Leave or Without Approval) Dear Sir, I had not been to the office … Continue reading “Absent From Work Explanation Letter”

Absence Excuse Letter For Institute

A request application from student to the headmaster requesting him to accept his absence excuse from school on annual sports gala. Sample apology letter to the school principal, or headmaster due to absence from the school. Excuse Application to Principal Respected Headmaster, I want to say that my name is Will Smith, and I have been a … Continue reading “Absence Excuse Letter For Institute”

Submitting Application for Absentees from School

Sample application for leave of absents to submit in school parents or teachers after uninformed absents. Leave Application for Absents by Parents Respectfully stated that my son, Ahmad Ali, is a student in class 3, section D at your school. He had been absent from school last week; the reason was that he was suffering … Continue reading “Submitting Application for Absentees from School”