Permission to Use Classroom for Activity

Here are 5 templates of permission requests to use the classroom for activities by students, groups, organization,s etc. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new or custom letter for your needs. Template 1: Permission to Use Classroom for Activity (Short Version) Subject: Permission to Use Classroom for Activity Dear [Recipient’s … Continue reading “Permission to Use Classroom for Activity”

Write an Application to the Principal for our Classes are not Running Regularly

Are to looking for an application to inform about the irregularity of classes? We will be adding some email, application, and letter templates to inform the Principal, headmaster, or management that the classes of a particular subject are not per the schedule and there are irregularities. We at semioffice write letters, applications, and email templates … Continue reading “Write an Application to the Principal for our Classes are not Running Regularly”

Request Letter to Authority Requesting Them to Start Workshops/Coaching Classes for New Interns/Employees

Sample letters to authority requesting them to start coaching/worship sessions for newly hired employees /internees. These letters can be used by anyone who wants to train new primary school teacher/anyone who feels that the employees lack experience /anyone who wants to train internees joining a special person’s school. Request Letter to Directorate of School Requesting … Continue reading “Request Letter to Authority Requesting Them to Start Workshops/Coaching Classes for New Interns/Employees”

Application for change in Class Schedule

This letter can be written by a student of college, graduate school, or university student to the Registrar Office, or the administration to make amendments in class schedule due to clashes in class timings, breaks between classes, and early morning classes. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances. Application for change … Continue reading “Application for change in Class Schedule”

Application for Rejoining Classes of Particular Subjects

Format of request letter to send to your principal/ supervisor/ headmaster, and telling them how you need to rejoin a selective class, or subject which you have previously dropped due to change of interest, or any other reason. Application for Rejoining Classes of Particular Subjects  Respected Head Master, With due respect, I sent this application … Continue reading “Application for Rejoining Classes of Particular Subjects”

Application for Permission to Sit in Class without Books

How to write a permission letter to principal to attend class without book? Application for Permission to Attend Class without Book Name Roll number Respected sir! Sir I have misplaced my course of your subject in the cafeteria yesterday. This morning I have posted it in the official Face book group of the university, and … Continue reading “Application for Permission to Sit in Class without Books”

Application for Grade Promotion

Application letter to request the grade promotion by employee on govt job, or private job in a company. Application for Grade Promotion Dear college principle, I am writing to you because I would like to request a grade promotion. I feel that the grade I got for my English exam was not fair. I was … Continue reading “Application for Grade Promotion”

Application for Promotion in Next Class

Do you need a parent’s application to the teacher for the promotion of the class? Sample applications for class jumping or class promotion to the next class or standard Grade in school are available. write a letter for promoting to the next class after failing the examination School Name,Address, City Subject: Request for Promotion to The … Continue reading “Application for Promotion in Next Class”

Application for Half Class

Sample leave application to get leave of half class due to emergency, going home, event, guests, etc. Leave Application for Half Classes The Principal, Dear Sir, It is humbly requested that my father had gone for Hajj a month ago. He is coming back today. His flight will come at noon. All family members have … Continue reading “Application for Half Class”

Letter for Repeating Class

Sample application letter to teacher, professor, lecturer, principal, dean for repeat the missed class, or repeat the class because no one was able to understand the previous class topics, and discussion. Letter for Repeating Class Dear Sir, I’m a student of Class 9th section A. I want you to allow me to repeat the same … Continue reading “Letter for Repeating Class”