Letter to Request for Discount in Hospital Bill

Sample application letter for discount in hospital bill for treatment of your patient. You can request a discount on surgery bills, operation bills, baby delivery bills, medical bills, and hospital room bills.

Application Letter Requesting Discount in Hospital Bill

Dear Sir,

I would like to request you that our hospital bill has become much higher than we thought and it is not possible for us to pay the full bill. We are visiting your hospital for the first time and we were not having an idea about your excellent and expensive services.

You are kindly requested to give us a 50% discount. Our patient very well cared in your hospital, and of course, your hospital is commendable and there is a very good treatment. We will try to get treatment from here in the future as well.

Looking for your kind favor for the discount. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Write a Letter to Reduce Hospital Bill

Commandant Military Hospital

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I would like to state that my son was admitted to your hospital four months ago, and he has been undergoing several treatments which have been fully paid for. I am a government officer, and I have been working day and night to cope up with the expenses, but the doctors recently informed me about the major surgery that my son has to undergo in the coming week. They have asked me to submit the fee by Monday. With full regret, I have to say that I would be unable to pay that large amount as I belong to a lower class. Kindly grant me a discount of $800 on the bill so that my son can become healthy again. I shall be very thankful to you

Mr. Benson

Downing Street

Letter to Negotiate Hospital Bill

The Administrator

Peter Hospital

Dear Sir

I have been in your hospital last week for my wife’s operation. As her doctor is associated with your hospital, we found it convenient to get the services of your hospital. We thought that we would also get some discount due to being regular patients of Dr. Philip. But, at the time of discharge, we got a high bill that we cannot pay. Therefore, we request you to kindly reduce the amount with some reasonable discount, so we are comfortable to pay the bill. I hope you will consider it an urgent request to leave your hospital without any difficulty. We are very happy with the services we got here, and we surely would approach the same hospital for any health issue in the future.

Best Regards

Mr. and Mrs. Dorgan

Letter to Hospital for Discount

The Officer


Respected Concern

This letter is respectfully written to request of discount on our medical bill. Our patient ref. No. is XCSDC. We just come to know about your hospital’s policy that gives concession to needy patients. Kindly consider this request for a grant, and approve this grant against the stated reference number.

Yours Sincerely

Your Name

Application Letter Requesting Discount in Hospital Bill

Letter for Discount Approved

I need discount approved letter kindly provide. Sample letter to client for informing approval of discount againts invoices, purchased items, regular deliveries etc.

Manager Procurement
Destiny Hospital,
South hall , USA


Dear Muller,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. This letter is to inform you that our services department has offered your hospital discount for the fire extinguisher delivery services. The discount in the services has been in effect by the last month. So you have saved two thousand USD in the last month. This amount shall be adjusted in the current months bill. We hope that you will keep availing our  quality services in succession at this hospital.

Best Regards,
Mc. Whatney
Executive Services Manager
Safety Services Pvt. Ltd.

Letter for Discount Approved

The Finance Manager,
Alpha Super Market

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to convey this that your request for bulk payment discount has been approved, and management has decided to offer you a 10% discount on all your pending payments if you settle them within 10 days of this date. It is further notified that this offer will be deemed cancelled if you fail to accept it in writing within two days. Moreover, I also want to mention here that delayed payments may cause cessation of supplies without any further notice. We hope that we will keep trading with you in the future.

Brad Edwin
Finance Manager