Letter for Discount Approved

I need discount approved letter kindly provide. Sample letter to client for informing approval of discount againts invoices, purchased items, regular deliveries etc.

Manager Procurement
Destiny Hospital,
South hall , USA


Dear Muller,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. This letter is to inform you that our services department has offered your hospital discount for the fire extinguisher delivery services. The discount in the services has been in effect by the last month. So you have saved two thousand USD in the last month. This amount shall be adjusted in the current months bill. We hope that you will keep availing our  quality services in succession at this hospital.

Best Regards,
Mc. Whatney
Executive Services Manager
Safety Services Pvt. Ltd.

Letter for Discount Approved

The Finance Manager,
Alpha Super Market

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to convey this that your request for bulk payment discount has been approved, and management has decided to offer you a 10% discount on all your pending payments if you settle them within 10 days of this date. It is further notified that this offer will be deemed cancelled if you fail to accept it in writing within two days. Moreover, I also want to mention here that delayed payments may cause cessation of supplies without any further notice. We hope that we will keep trading with you in the future.

Brad Edwin
Finance Manager

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