Sample Request Letter for Construction of School Building

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Prayer for a Grant for Reconstruction of School Building

Dear people

I am writing to you because I would like your prayers for the grant of the reconstruction of the local school building. The local school of this village is run down it is very old, and falling to pieces. The school is the only school for 20 miles, and the school barley past the last health, and safety inspection. This is due to the structure of the building it needs new foundation. The school board have placed their case to the government, and have raised the necessary money needed to fund it all we need is permission from the government to grant us this.

If we get this then from the time the construction starts it will take up to five months to complete. I know that this is a long time for the school to close down, and I know you are all worried about your children’s education. So don’t be worried we have made an arrangement with village hall to hold the classes for the full time for the construction. We need your prayers, and thoughts I hope, and pray that we get this for the future of the village children.

Kind regards

Village mayor

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  1. I’m headmaster of MANKUMBI primary school. School is under the government of Republic of Tanzania in central zone nearby by the headquarter. Due to the poor infrastructure in my school l’m hereby requesting fund for building for infrastructure.

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