Delivery Challan Format for Ordered Items Free Download

Sample Delivery Challan Format in Excel and Word files are free to download. This Challan is normally used when purchase orders and product supplies are delivered to any person or company. This document is considered proof of delivery with the signature of receiving and delivering person. The format includes the date, vendor information, product quantity, and description of the delivered items.

The purpose of a delivery challan template is to provide a written record of the delivery of goods from one party to another. It serves as proof that the goods were dispatched and received, and contains important information about the items being delivered, such as quantity, description, and condition.

Delivery challans are commonly used in business transactions to ensure that both the sender and receiver have a record of what was delivered and to provide a means of tracking the movement of goods. They also help to prevent disputes and misunderstandings by establishing a clear record of the transaction. Additionally, delivery challans may be used for billing and accounting purposes, as they contain information about the goods delivered and their value.

Example Delivery Challan Format

Here’s a sample delivery challan template:

Delivery Challan (Insert Company Name and Logo)

Date: _______ Challan No.: ______

To: Name: ________ Address: _________

Sr. No. Description of Goods Quantity Remarks

  1. ……
  2. …….
  3. …….
  4. …….
  5. …….
  6. …….

Total Quantity: ________________________


We hereby certify that the above-mentioned goods are dispatched from our warehouse in good condition, and we take responsibility for any damages or defects incurred during transportation.

Authorized Signatory: ________________________ (Insert Company Name and Logo)

Sample Delivery Challan Template

Company Name & Logo


M/s. __________ Address: ___________
Invoice No._____D/C No. ______Your Order No._____
Date: ____Date:______Date:______
S/No. Code Quantity Description

Received the above Items in full quantity                        Delivered By: ______

Name: ____________

Signature: _________


Company Address:__________

Usage Instructions

Please download the attached format of delivery challan in Ms Excel, and Ms Word format, and make all the necessary changes. If you could not found the attachment please copy, and page the above format in word, or excel, and make some design adjustments. Your format will be ready to use.

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