Sample Alteration Slip Format for Dress or Clothing Shop

Free Alteration slip Format for tailors and dress shops for their clients. You can download the word file attached and make your desire changes. You can copy the below slip as well.

Alteration slip for Clothing Shop

Shirt & Tie Shop

Alteration Slip

Booking Date_________________Delivery Date______________________No________

Customer Name__________________________________________________________

Trouser Length
Trouser Waist
Trouser Bottom
Shirt Sleeve
Shirt Fitting

Authorized Signature:______________ ____Customer Signature___________________

Note: Receive your goods within 30 days otherwise company will note be responsible.

Sample Alteration Slip Format Free Download
Sample Alteration Slip Format Free Download

Usage Instructions:

Please copy and paste the above slip in excel or word files and make the necessary adjustments as shown in the image, your tailor alteration slip will be ready to be used.

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