Invitation Letter to Invite Parents Abroad

Sample invitation letter to parents inviting them to visit your abroad. This letter can be used to process visa applications in embassy etc. Invitation Letter to Invite Parents to USA Western USA, Utah Dear Mother, and Father, I hope you are doing well but I know that you must be missing me badly as I … Continue reading “Invitation Letter to Invite Parents Abroad”

Invitation Letter for Inauguration Ceremony

Sample invitation letter from shop management to the people of the town informing them of the opening, and inauguration of new shop along with some discount offers. Sample invitation letter for inauguration of new office to friends, business clients, partners. Invitation Letter for Inauguration Ceremony INVITATION FOR INAUGURATION THE SUPER STORE Dear Resident, You’re cordially invited … Continue reading “Invitation Letter for Inauguration Ceremony”

Sample Invitation for School Event

Want to write an invitation letter to schools for participation in the school event organized by the students, and school management? This invitation letter from the school to other schools, partner schools, competitive schools for competitions, presentations, and games, etc. Sample Invitation for Event in School Dear Sir, We proudly present our annual play for … Continue reading “Sample Invitation for School Event”

Invitation Letter to Parents for School Function

Sample invitation letter to students parents to invite them to school functions like annual function, awards function, or any other event in the school, and college. Your School is Organizing Its Annual Sports Day. Draft an Invitation to be Sent to the Parents Dear Parents, We are holding an annual sports program in our school. … Continue reading “Invitation Letter to Parents for School Function”

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample

Sample invitation letter to invite guests, and donors in a fundraising event for welfare society, welfare organization, school, dispensary, and hospital etc etc. Invitation Letter for Fundraising Event Sample Mrs. Memoona Malik, Managing Director, The Fashion Company, Model Town, Lahore. Subject:  Invitation for a fundraising event at Polo ground Dear Ma’am, The Cancer Memorial Hospital … Continue reading “Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample”

Invitation Letter to Visit Book Fair

Sample invitation letter to invite participants in a book fair from schools, colleges, universities, and various other private institutions. Invitation Letter to Visit Book Fair Dear Sir, We proudly present 3rd annual book fair of our Institute. We humbly invite you to visit our book fair. The book fair is going to be held in … Continue reading “Invitation Letter to Visit Book Fair”

Invitation Letter to My Friend From Another Country

Sample invitation letter to invite your friend, family member, cousin, or someone else for visit, meeting, interview, or any other purpose from abroad. Normally people call their family members, and spouses for visiting them for entertainment, enjoyment, getting jobs, and various purposes. We hope below letters will resolve your letter need to invite, or call … Continue reading “Invitation Letter to My Friend From Another Country”

Invitation Letter For Visiting My City

Sample invitation letter to friend for visit of my city, and area to show him the beauty of nature as well as infrastructure of the city. Letter to Invite a Friend to Visit my City Mr. Jorge Bush, Super Town, Wales Dear Friend, I am glad to hear from you for passing a prosperous life … Continue reading “Invitation Letter For Visiting My City”

Proposal Letter for Training Program

Sample proposal letter for training program in school, college, academy, training institute. Invitation Letter for Training Program Good Afternoon Sami, I am a specialist Autism trained teacher from the Uk. I train parents, teaching assistants, new teachers, and other professionals in autism awareness, and autism strategies for parents for the home setting through the NAS … Continue reading “Proposal Letter for Training Program”

Letter of Invitation for Sports Event Template

Want to write an invitation letter? Sample letter of invitation for sports day in school, college, university, or company to guests, teachers, students, representatives, teams, etc. You can change the letters as per your needs, and if you need a new one, just let us know in the comments. Sample Invitation Letter for Sports Event … Continue reading “Letter of Invitation for Sports Event Template”

Invitation Letter for Exhibition to Companies for Stall Booking

Invitation Letter for Exhibition to Companies, clients, franchises, employees, staff, workers, club members for Stall Booking in the event. Invitation for Exhibition Stall Dear Sir/Madam, Hope you’re well. We would like you to put up a stall on our Annual Mental Health Day dated  22nd February, (Date). please confirm by Monday that is 19th February, … Continue reading “Invitation Letter for Exhibition to Companies for Stall Booking”

Exhibition Invitation Letter Sample

Sample Exhibition Invitation Letter Format for free download to send it to the clients, participants, and companies to put up their business stalls, display centers etc. Invitation Letter for Book Exhibition Federal Colony, Lahore, Pakistan, Dear Customers, Readings, announces its own book exhibition for the first time. We invite you all for the Book Exhibition also … Continue reading “Exhibition Invitation Letter Sample”

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony Invitation Card

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony Invitation Card for guests, chief guest for the event. You can add your company/organizational introduction before the first paragraph. That would add value to this letter. Invitation Letter for Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony Dear Sir, It is intimated with great pleasure that after a continuous struggle to make all the necessary arrangements … Continue reading “Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony Invitation Card”

Invitation Letter For Seminar Participants

Invitation Letter For Seminar Participants, Event Participants, Fun fair Participants, guests, honorable guests, clients, customers, and consumers. Sample letter to invite guests to the festival for games festivals, food festivals, youth festivals, cultural festivals, films, college festivals, etc. Invitation to Seminar Template Letter [Your Name] [Your Organization] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP] [Email Address] [Phone … Continue reading “Invitation Letter For Seminar Participants”

Invitation letter to Chief Guest for a Farewell Party

Want to write a letter of invitation? Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for a Farewell Party of School, College, and University. You can use it to invite a chief guest for any other party, program, or event as well. Sample Invitation Letter for chief guest to invite him/her in the annual function of school, and address … Continue reading “Invitation letter to Chief Guest for a Farewell Party”

New Branch Opening Invitation Letter Format

Sample new branch opening invitation letter format for office, bank, franchise, shop, shopping mall, store, new production unit, factory, coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, and any type of business. Invitation Letter to Guests and Customers on New Branch Inauguration Dear Sir, We are opening our new branch of (business name and address) on (day and date). … Continue reading “New Branch Opening Invitation Letter Format”

Invitation Letter for Annual Conference

Sample Invitation letter for the annual conference, sales conference, annual meeting, annual event, and annual programs. Invitation to Annual Conference [Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP] [Email Address] [Phone Number] [Date] [Recipient’s Name] [Recipient’s Address] [City, State, ZIP] Subject: Invitation to Annual Conference Dear [Recipient’s Name], We are excited to invite you to our … Continue reading “Invitation Letter for Annual Conference”

Acceptance of Invitation Letter Sample Format

Sample invitation acceptance letter as chief guest, guest of honor, or as individual participant. You can use this letter for accepting any party/ceremony invitation like opening ceremony, closing ceremony, annual day, conference, or any other event of your choice. Invitation Acceptance Format 1 Date:_____________ To:__________ Designation Company/Organization Address City Subject: Confirmation of Visit, and Participation … Continue reading “Acceptance of Invitation Letter Sample Format”