Invitation for Farewell Party To Teachers

Format of invitation letters to teachers by students. A farewell is a goodbye party arranged by a school, college, or university to their students and, in some cases, to valuable teachers who have offered their services.

Farewell Party Invitation For Teachers in School, College, etc

The respected teachers of the Computer science department,

Dear Teachers,

With all our due respect, This is to invite you to the Farewell Party of our senior-most batch. The event has been set on [Date: DD/MM/YY], and you are requested to please join us.

All teachers have been a great inspiration to all of us. They have taught us so well and made us a prominent student. Now it is time to say goodbye to the entire amazing faculty we have.

We are looking forward to your presence at the event. Please find attached the address and contact details(maybe an invitation card). Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,


Computer science club

Invitation Letter for Farewell Party of Seniors to Teachers

Respected Teachers,

It is a matter of great honor for our class to invite you to the farewell party of our seniors.

This moment comes every year when your seniors leave college for their higher educations. It is a beautiful custom that the juniors give a farewell party to their seniors and say goodbye to them with love and respect. This year we are giving the farewell with utmost zest and zeal. It would be an honor to have all our teachers at the farewell party.

Your presence will enlighten the evening. We are already feeling excited in anticipation.

Warm Regards,


Department Name

Letter of Invitation for Farewell Party to Teachers from Students

Respected Teachers,

This is to invite you to the Farewell Party of our senior batch. The event has been set on (date), and you are requested to please join us on this last event of our A2 batch.

Our seniors will be presenting the souvenirs, and there will be awards given to the teachers too. There is another segment set in which the teachers will be asked about the specific students. Furthermore, the teachers will also present the farewell gifts of the Batch (Date).

Kindly confirm if you will be present at the event so that we can make the arrangements, and tell the exact number of people who will be coming to the party to the Caterers.

Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards;

Deputy Head Girl

Batch A1

Invitation Letter for Farewell Party to Teachers by Students

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hope you are doing well. We are pleased to invite you on behalf of the whole study body to our Farewell party that will be held on the (date) at the City School, Ravi Campus. The timings followed will be from (mention starting and ending time).

The theme that will be followed for the party is ‘Masquerade’. Throughout the years, you have played a major role in our upbringing and molded us into the people we are today. How can we leave this school and enter a new phase in life without making you people a part of it?

The party will consist of fun-filled performances, a walk down memory lane, and scrumptious food. We will be delighted if you grace us with your presence on this auspicious occasion.

We will be looking forward to your presence. You may refer to the office head or contact the number below if you require more details.

Best Regards,

The graduating batch of (Date)

Contact: ——–

Invitation for Farewell Party for Teachers

To: Teachers of HGF Public School
Dallas, Texas, United States

Dear Teachers,

We would like to invite you to the farewell party on the 18th of December, as our batch has been completed.

The location is 3532 Best Western Inn, on the West side of Dallas.

We are looking forward to your presence at the event. Thank you so much for a wonderful year, and we are positive that you will have an amazing time there with us. We hope to see you all there!

Yours truly,

Your Name — President of the Student Council

Texas HGF Public School
Dallas, Texas, United States

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