Invitation Letter to Schools for Awareness Program on Drugs

Want to invite schools to a program? Sample letter to the principal of the school to come and participate in the program on the following day only within a few students and a few teachers. Invitation to the awareness program on drugs

Invitation Letter to Schools for Awareness Program on Drugs

 To all the schools of Lahore,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our NGO has started a new project named as “Get Rid of Drugs”, and our main target of this project is to create awareness among our youth about this issue which is escalating rapidly.

According to the survey held by the DAWN Company, most of the people who take drugs are from high school and universities, and the most increase in the number of drug addicts these past few years are also from school and colleges. We are holding seminars in different areas of Lahore at different times, and we invite all the schools to take part in the program so we can teach our children the drawback of drugs and prevent them from getting into this serious problem. Kindly let us know if you will be attending the seminar by Monday, 23rd September (Date), so we can make the arrangements accordingly.

I have attached a draft that contains the dates and timing of the seminars along with their location. If you have any further queries or confusion, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Nadira Imtiaz

Head of NGO

Invitation Letter to Schools for an Awareness Program on Drugs

To: Public Middle Schools in the city of Dallas

This year, Dallas has had one of the highest rates of illicit drug use across the state. This is a major problem, and we would like to address it by tackling all sides. We would like to invite all schools in Dallas to attend a drug awareness program this Monday.

We believe educating the youth is the biggest stepping stone to addressing this issue. Based on the success of our no-smoking programs for youth, we have seen a major decrease in smoking by 80% in the last 15 years. We hope to see the same results when implementing this drug awareness program.

Drugs kill, and drugs ruin lives. Let’s ensure a safe city for future generations to come.

Mayor Doug
Dallas, Texas, United States

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