Apology Letter To School For Misconduct


Format of letter to apologize from teachers, principal, boss of either a school, or work place to whom your attitude might have caused trouble

Apology Letter for Violating School Rules


The principal, Epic grammar school

Respected sir,

With all my sincere respect, I am writing this letter to make an apology regarding the miss behave I did yesterday in the class room. It was totally unintentional, and was done in the moment of heat. I know damaging the school property is not acceptable at any cost. I am really embarrassed for what I have done. I have talked  to my parents, and they are ready to pay the amount for the broken chair. Being a good student it is my responsibility to take care of school property, and to not fight with the students. I promise you that I will not repeat this again, and will be a good student. Please accept my apology. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.  Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Michael John

Grade 8th C

Apology Letter for my Misconduct Towards the Office

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. As you know about the yesterday’s fight, I want t apologize for my behavior at office. All office staff is well aware of the misbehavior of Mr. Salman with me that made me aggressive yesterday. I am really sorry , this is not going to happen again.

I hope you will accept my letter.



Junaid khan.

Apology Letter for Violating School Rules

To the respected principal Mr. Blackford,

I am writing this letter to formally apologize for my behavior in the past week. I have not been following the school rules, and this was a grave mistake on my part. I deeply regret my past actions, and I, without a doubt, will not engage in this behavior again. I promise to respect the school, the rules of the school, and my respected teachers. I will engage in class, and follow all school rules, and you will never receive any complaints about me again. I ask that you accept my apology, and give me another chance so that I may redeem myself, and prove that I can be a better student in the future.


Paul L. Polson

Apology letter for violating school rules

Dear Bilal,

I am writing this letter to you with much disappointment. Recently, I received a complaint regarding your behavior in school, and I was very shocked by this. I contacted the person who wrote me the letter to confirm if they were mistaken. You are an outstanding child in your academics, extra curricular, and your behavior. You are one of our institute’s star students. I have been told that you violated the school rules by misbehaving with several teachers, and students. A fight was also reported to me, which you started. I am not sure why you are acting this way but I want you to stop. If there is anything bothering you, please do let me know, and I will help you out. Since you are one of our good students, I will deal with you leniently, and let you go with a warning. If such an event is reported again, I am afraid you will be suspended from school, and we will have to call your parents as well.

I expect that such an occurrence will not happen again.

Best Regards,


Apology Letter for Violating School Rules

Respected Principal,

I sent this letter as an apology for violating school rules. Day before yesterday, I was caught smoking on the school grounds, and I am very ashamed for this act. I promise you that this will not ever happen again, and I will value the school’s rules, and regulations. I hope you accept my apology. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Warning Letter Sample for Bad Attitude


Sample warning letter to student, teacher, employee for bad attitude, misbehavior, rude behavior, or unprofessional behavior. Template of warning letter to employees who have been showing disrespect at workplace, and creating problems for other people.

Warning Letter for Bad Attitude

The Parents

Dear parents,
I am writing this letter to you with utmost respect but as the situation got really difficult for the school management to handle, this had to be done. It is stated that your son has been a show of bad attitude, both in his classes, and outside of the classroom. His insulting attitude towards his teachers, and fellow students is totally unacceptable, and needed to be addressed immediately. Using harsh words in the classroom, or anyone on the campus premises is something we consider totally unacceptable.

Consider this as a warning letter to your son, if his bad attitude doesn’t change, and stays the same. I regret to inform you that he shall be expelled from the school without any further warnings. We hope you will not take this letter lightly, and watch after your son.

Thanking you,

Warning Letter for Bad Behavior

Dear Mr. Nelson Brown,

I am writing to you because I am very ashamed that you are working for this company. If I had my way you would be out of a job here. But it is not my decision. Your actions, and behavior is shameful, especially with the women staff. This is going to be your only warning if you ever show the slightest bit of bad behavior then your position here is terminated. I hope that you will listen, and I look forward to seeing the change in you.

Yours sincerely,


Warning Letter For Rudeness to Supervisor


Mr. Brake Jamie, Packing department

It is to inform you that the company is observing your behavior, and dedication towards your work, and we are regretfully informing you that your performance as well as your behaviors is disappointing us. We have come to know about your misbehave with the supervisor. This sort of attitude is totally unbearable in the company. Your supervisor has all the rights to correct your mistakes, and being at a senior position he deserves respect. Company is giving you the last warning, and next time there will be no other chance. We expect you to give your best to maintain your position.


Administration officer, Packages

Warning letter for attitude problem


Mr. George Martin, supply chain department

Dear Mr. Martin, We have received number of complaints regarding your behavior with other employees. We have already warned you for this issue previously, and we advised you to bring changes in your attitude. We have a very strict policy regarding behavior of employee.  Every person working here is equal, and has same respect level as you, and I have. We aim to maintain a friendly atmosphere which let people work peacefully over here.Breaching this rule will result in the job loss of that specific employee. This is the last warning to you to chance your behavior with the staff otherwise higher authorities will look into it, and will make decision accordingly.


Mr. Joe Saun,

Manager HR

Warning letter for attitude problem

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with much disappointment to inform you that I have been noticing your attitude since a few days, and I am not very pleased with it. Your attitude towards your work is very careless, and you do not seem to treat your colleagues with the amount of respect they deserve. You behave in a rude manner with your colleagues, and I have received not only complaints from them but have also experienced this myself. Whenever you are given a deadline you never submit your work on, and tend to create excuses each time. If you continue with this same behavior I will have no choice but to replace your position with someone else.

I hope you will take notice of my warning, and change your behavior accordingly.


Asif Ali

Director HR

18th October (Date)

Written letter of warning template for rudeness to supervisor

To: Javier Clauson
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

I am writing about a serious complaint we have received from individuals at the workplace. Complaints have been issued by multiple people regarding your rude attitude to the supervisor.

I would like to remind you that the workplace is a civil, and safe environment. Disagreements do happen, but as he is your supervisor you must respect him, and respect his decisions.

If this happens again, serious consequences will be given.

Tim Bradley
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Written Warning for Unprofessional Behavior


Warning letter to employee for unacceptable behavior. Warning letter for bad behavior. Warning letter for rude behavior. Warning letter for bad attitude at work. Sample warning letter for misbehavior.

Written Warning for Unprofessional Behavior

Dear employee,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss you very unprofessional behavior. As a very successful business company we cannot afford to have any bad reputation. Being in this company you have to have a professional behavior at all times when you are on the companies premises.  Your behavior can get you arrested if you decide to go further.

Not only is your behavior unprofessional but it is harassment for the other person, and if word got out that we employ someone who feels that it is right to display that sort of behavior then we could ruin the future for this company when we need to employ more people. This is your final warning pack it in for you will be out of a job

Kind regards,

Company director

Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior

Respected Mr. Zain Waseem,

This is a warning letter to you from Transcript data (company’s name) that you are showing very unprofessional behavior from some days as you’re coming late, and not submitting your work on time, and those which you’ve submitted contain so many mistakes. Office manager have already warned you for your attitude towards office now this is the last warning letter.

So please cooperate with us otherwise strict action would be done against you.



Warning for Rude Behavior of Student

Name of the student
Roll number
Class section

Dear Mr. Ross!

This letter is your last official warning to make you aware of your rude behavior in this college. In the last six months you have failed every test that you have taken. Your attendance is equal to none, and when you graced the class with your presence you constantly fought with teachers, and pick fights with your class mates. This kind of attitude is completely intolerable in this college. This is your last warning to make things right for yourself.

Either you start giving attention to your academic life, or next time even if I will receive a complaint on you not being getting to class in time you will be expelled from this college. I hope you will take this seriously, and will turn your life around.


Principal signature

Apology Letter to Principal for Misbehavior in School


Apology letter to school for misconduct. Apology letter to principal for bunking class.

Apology Letter to Principal for Misconduct

The principal,
XYZ School (Enter School Location Here)

Respected sir,
I beg to say that last week I was accused of playing a prank on the teacher, and therefore I was suspended. However no one listened to my side of the story of what actually happened. I was just a by stander, and in the heat of the moment it was thought I am one of the pranksters. I for myself don’t even know the people who actually pulled out the prank thus I had nothing to do with it.

I honestly respect our teachers more than to play a prank on them. Moreover I sincerely apologize for any kind of misbehavior, or misconduct I might have caused creating any sort of negativity in the school decorum.
I am innocent, and I request you to kindly reconsider my suspension, and remove it as I am missing my studies.

Name: XYZ.
Class: XYZ

Explain Letter for Accused of Playing Prank on Teacher

Dear school principle,

I am writing to you because I would like to explain about the prank that was played on a school teacher. I would like to explain why I am innocent, and how you have suspended an innocent child, and stopped me from attending my lessons. Even though I am the prankster of my class, and get into trouble I am not the person who played this prank. I know who did it, and he blamed me because I am better than him.

At this time if the prank I as on the other side of the school, and even though I didn’t give you an alibi truth is I didn’t want to tell you where I was. I was bunking from school. At the time I was in the local shop buying some food. You can ask the shop keeper, and watch the CCTV. I hope that you will take me seriously, and I want to go back to school I am innocent.

Kind regards,

Mr. Toby Cleaver

Apology Letter to Principal for Misbehavior

Roll no

Respected Headmaster!

From the past few months my attitude has not been what you will call respectful, and honorary. I had given an air force test a few months back, and I was not able to clear it. Being a pilot is the only thing that I have dreamt of since I can remember so being told that I cannot become that was not the easiest thing to listen. I was completely destroyed after hearing it, and I did not cope with it the way I should have.

I was aggressive, and arrogant about the whole situation; I was so overwhelmed with those emotions that I did not see that I was jeopardizing my own future by pulling these stunts. I have apologized to all of my peers, and teachers whom I hurt during my dark phase, and I owed you an apology too for disappointing you. I can assure you sir that this type of thing will never happen again, please accept my humble apologies.


Mike Ross

Complaint Letter for Harassment, Misbehave, Abuse etc


Sample complaint letter for misbehaviour of supervisor, boss, manager, bank manager, teacher, colleagues. Sample workplace harassment complaint letter to director, or writing complaint about employee. Sample letter to employer for unfair treatment.

Sample Workplace Harassment Complaint Letter Against Boss

CEO, Habib Pvt, Ltd
Dear Sir,
I work in creative department in your firm, and doing well since I have been appointed. But, for some time I have problem with the boss, as his behavior is very insulting, and sometime harassing. He disrespects women even upon small matters, although I am very punctual, and work very well. His behavior is bad with the entire department. I wanted to bring this issue to you, so that you could take necessary action about this serious matter.
Best Regards,
Huma Ehsan
Art Director
Creative Department

Formal Complaint Letter Against Boss

The Manager Operations,
Australian Transport Department.

Dear Sir,

This is to draw your attention to one of the serious matters of our department that is creating lots of problems for the staff. As you know I am working under the supervision of Mr. Adam who is the Quality control Officer. Unfortunately, Mr. Adam’s behavior has been intolerable for a few days. Almost all staff members don’t like working with him, he is rude, and aggressive, and on top of that he thinks that he is always right. Often he calls the names of his subordinates, and treats them very badly.

You are requested to please look into the matter with your keen interest, and formulate a committee that inquires the case in judicious way, and submit its recommendations which are in best interest of the department.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Yours Obediently,
Peter Pounce (Accountant)

Complaint Letter against Manager

Respected sir,

I hope this letter will find you in best of your health, and in good mood. Sir I am working in your company in marketing department for past 2 years. The subject of my letter is actually a complaint against the boss of our department. I am writing this letter on behalf of our whole department, we are facing a number of problems as his behavior with us is very rude, and bad. we can’t concentrate on our work with his presence around us. He treat us like his slave, and we have no self-respect in his opinion. Kindly just change our boss, or at least warn him for future. Our department staff shall be thankful to you for this act.

Sincerely Yours,

Marketing Department

Application on the topic of complaining against my boss whose behavior is very bad with our department.

Respected HR manager,

My name is William, and I work in the marketing department of the company. I want to bring this to your kind notice that our head who has been newly elected is not behaving well with the staff. He is very rude, and sometimes he uses very harsh language, and this behavior is not tolerable as we people work really hard, and in return we do not want to hear such abusive language. I am writing this letter to you so that you may confront him, and ask to change his behavior, otherwise it is getting very difficult to work in such an environment, and it is affecting our performance. I hope you will take immediate measures to change his attitude.

Waiting for things to go back to normal.


Complaint Letter against Misbehavior of Boss

Application against Bad Behavior of Boss

The CEO of Helium

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a diary clerk of dispatch branch. We are 15 members of this branch, and i am writing this application on behalf of others too. We have been serving your firm for last fifteen years, and we had a great time with all the staff members. But I am feeling sorry to say that new boss is disturbing the good image of our honorable firm with his bad behavior, and policies. Head of previous higher management was so kind, and cooperative with the lower staff but the new one feels insult to be polite with us. He often abuses us for nothing.

He is a man of proud, and does not respect anyone of us. We tried to bear his rude but our patience comes to an end when he hit one of our members in morning. We request you to advise him to mend his ways against such kind of misbehave. I am hopeful that you will take a batter step for the good, and friendly environment of office.

Dispatch Branch,

Letter to Principal from Teacher About Misbehavior of Student


Sample letter to the principal from the teacher about misbehavior of a student. Letter to complain about the student behavior to school principal, college principal, or in academy.

Complaint Application to Principal by Teacher


The Principal,

Dear Dear Sir,

I am proud of my institution for inculcating ethical, and moral values among students along with high standards of learning. However, despite recurrent ethical instructions to the students, there are a few of them who intentionally violate the moral code of the institution. Mr. Johnson is one of such students who fall in the category of repeatedly misbehaving students in the class. He is a student of grade X with registration number 123.

He misbehaved with me during the lecture today when I warned him of his lack of attention to the lecture. His attitude towards me was utter disregard to ethical standards of our institution. Since the past couple of weeks, He has been expressing his cold response to me whenever I tried to mend his behavior to his teachers, and his interest in his studies. On his misconduct to me today, I also advised him politely that his misbehavior towards teachers will prove quite harmful for his career, and future. But, I am afraid he will not reform his behavior towards his teachers because of his consistently indifference to my past advices.

Sir, I am optimistic that your personal advice to him will bring the required change in his attitude. Please call him in your office at your earliest convenience so that he could appropriate his behavior with me in the next class.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Best Regards,


Complaint Letter by Teacher to Principal of School

The Principal,

Misber School,

Valencia Town, Lahore


Dear Sir,

It is stated that me, M. Yasir have been teaching English in your school. I want to put your attention towards a very unpleasant  scenario happened during my class in grade V.

I was writing an essay in the white board, there was silent in the class. All the students were busy in writing the same essay from the white board. In the meanwhile, Salman who always remained naughty in my class started hitting Umair with foot.

I stopped him doing so instantly, and inquired about the matter. I listened both students, and also took the witness of other students. After investigating, I found that Salman was wrong so I asked him to leave the class. It is happened in most classes.

I request you to please take a serious action against Salman, as other students are disturbing during their studies & it is having a negative impact on them.

Looking forward for your valuable advise.


Muhammad Yasir

Employee Warning Letter Sample


Employee Warning Letter Sample for final warning with poor performance, or performance warning letter for employee to send notice. Warning Letter Sample for Attendance/Lateness/Absenteeism.

Warning Letter to Employee Negligence of Duty

London Rescue Service,
England, United Kingdom.
Mr. William Golding,
Assistant Manager Operations.

It was reported by your concerned Station In-charge that you had committed an offence of getting late for duty on 10th October. You must have known that it is a clear violation of service rules. You were given opportunity to clarify above said act of violation but you did not bother to submit reply in your defense.

However, having seen your previous record, and seniority, you are given one last chance to improve yourself, and this time a Warning is imposed upon you so that you may realize the importance of arrival in time for duty.
Furthermore, you are directed to report to Mr. Henrik Ibsen for completing pending tasks from your side.
Anton Chekhov.

Absent from Duties by his Authorities to Worker

Mr. Hussein Amar, Mechanics department, Nestle Lahore

Respect sir,

We are writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that we have received complain about you that you have always been absent from your duties, and not performing well. Sir we would like to tell you that business does not run this way. We are giving you last warning, and still if we get to know than we will terminate you, and will give a chance to another deserving person. Hope you will take this notice on serious note.


Administration unit,
Nestle Pakistan.

Warning Letter Due to Negligence

Cape Industries Ltd.,
United States

Respected Employee,

I want to say that you have been very negligent, and irresponsible while performing your work. The company has rated your performance as unsatisfactory, and due to this warning letter is issued to you to resolve your matters, and focus on your performance. This can be the last chance that the company is providing you with, and we believe that you will avail this last chance. We expect that you will improve your work.


Cape Industries Ltd

Employee Warning Letter Template

To Mr. Philips

It has been reported by your office in charge that you mostly attend office late, and it has also been learnt from his report that your attitude towards your seniors, and duties is also casual. This report clearly reflects that you are an in disciplined, irresponsible, and bad mannered employee, and your this attitude is totally contrary to the office decorum.

Keeping above in view you are therefore severely warned to pull up your socks, and maintain office discipline, and take full responsibility of the designated tasked assigned to you by your superiors otherwise strict disciplinary action will be taken against you.


Manager Human Rsource

Warning Letter to Employee For Sleeping

Dear Sir,
This is to notify Mr. John that your performance report is not satisfactory. As per report findings you were found guilty for sleeping three times in working hours. Company invested on you around $20,000/- USD but you returned only 14,000 USD only in the form of your working.

This warning letter issued to you as final warning, and your performance will be measured monthly. After two months company will take final decision for your job. Company has the authority to sack you from the job for poor performance.

Thanking you,

Manager Human Capital Development
AH Foundation

Employee Warning Letter Template

Dear Asim,

This letter is to warn for the theft in the inventory department. We have received information about some theft in the inventory department, and we have also started an investigation of such theft. The company warns that any theft from now onwards in the inventory department would not be tolerated. Strong actions would be taken according to the circumstances, and the person who is found to be alleged to fraud would be terminated from his job.

Sincerely Yours,

Jay, Manager Recruitment

Employee Warning Letter Sample

Warning letter to mechanic!



Mr. Mike!

We have been observing your behavior from the last several weeks, and to our dismay it has been utterly disappointing.  Your lack of professionalism can be seen when you enter the garage at one in the afternoon. Firstly you come late, and even after that you start brawling with your co workers. We have seen the cars you have fixed, and the quality is not up to that standard which we are famous for. Customer’s complaints are increasing day by day about your irresponsible, and disrespectful attitude. I hope to see a change in your attitude from effective tomorrow, and if  receive even one complaint against you from now not only I will fire you, I will make sure you will not find work in the tri state area.

Your manager



Warning Letter to Employees for Coming Late in Office

Dear employees,

We have noticed many of you coming late to the office without a reasonable excuse. This is unacceptable behavior, and it is not tolerated. This is not freelance work, it is office work. You are expected to come in on your designated time, and leave on time.  The office rules must be enforced.

If we find that you continue to come late without a reasonable explanation, we will take action.

Thank you,

O’Brian Consulting Ltd.
Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

Warning letter to mechanic

To: Alan Hughes
Oakland, Manitoba, Canada

We are writing to inform you that over the last few months, your work here at Milton Auto has been unsatisfactory. Customers who have had their vehicles serviced by you are receiving roughly a 30% higher issue rate than customers who have had their vehicles serviced by other employees.

Repairs are judged based on quality, and not quantity. 2 excellent repairs in a day are more valuable than 10 repairs in a day which all receive complaints.

We advise you to perform all future repairs carefully, or we may take further action against you.

Milton Auto
Oakland, Manitoba, Canada