Thank You Teacher Messages from Parents

A thank you teacher message from parents is a way to express gratitude and appreciation to a child’s teacher for their hard work and dedication in educating their child. It can be sent in the form of a note, card, or email. Here are some examples of Thank You Messages for Teachers from parents: Teacher … Continue reading “Thank You Teacher Messages from Parents”

Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter

Want to write a sick leave application for your daughter? We are giving you sample sick leave written by parents to school principal for daughter due to fever, sickness, illness, cough, flu, medical checkup, etc. Leave Application for Daughter Admitted in Hospital Dear Sir, My daughter (name of daughter), admitted to hospital due to (mention … Continue reading “Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter”

Letter to Grandparents about Education

Format of letter to your grandparents, and telling them about your education routine, and how it is shaping up your life. Letter to Grandparents Regarding Value Based Education To my dearest grandparents, I am writing to you because I would like to inform you of how my education is going, and on what I have … Continue reading “Letter to Grandparents about Education”

Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus

Format Of Notice Letters To Parents To Inform Them about Changing Location Of School due to various personal reasons Notice To Parents For Changing Campus Dear Parents, It is to inform you that due to construction of this building we are shifting the school to DHA branch. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may … Continue reading “Letter to Parents for Shifting Campus”

Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings

Letter To Parents, Guardians by Principal Informing Them About Change In Time Of Meeting And Requesting Them To Be Present This Time. Request Letter To Parents Informing Them About Upcoming Meeting To, Mr. John Smith Respected sir, We are writing this letter to inform you that we have set another time slot for the meeting … Continue reading “Letter to Parent for Not Attending School Meetings”

Application for Reporting of Teacher Absence in Class

Sample complaint letter to school principal/ headmaster about teacher absence in class by parents, or by students. Application for Reporting Of Teacher Absence in Class To The Headmistress, Lawrence School Respected madam, With all my respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that my son John Shawn, Class 3 B Is having some problems in … Continue reading “Application for Reporting of Teacher Absence in Class”

Application for Late Fee Submission For College, University, School, Semester

Are you late in fee submission? No worries, we provide sample applications for late fee submission in school, college, university, academy, bank, or government offices. Email to Request for Extension of Late Fee Submission Date by Student Dear Sir, I would like to request that I have a shortage of funds due to which I … Continue reading “Application for Late Fee Submission For College, University, School, Semester”

Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase

Want to inform parents about increased fees for school/college? Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase. Tuition increase letter to parents. Daycare tuition increase letter. Sample letter explaining tuition increase. Letter to Parents About Increasing School/College Fees Dear Parents, The school administration has decided to immediately increase the monthly school fees by 10% in view of rising … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Parents about Fee Increase”

Letter to Parents from Hostel

Sample  letter to your mother telling her why you dislike hostel life? Letter to your mother describing your new experiences in a boarding school. Letter to your father describing your life, and activities in the hostel. Letter to Parents from Hostel Mr., and Mrs. Akram, Stuart Road, Riga, Latvia Dear Parents, I hope that you are reading this … Continue reading “Letter to Parents from Hostel”

Letter to Parents Asking for Money

Sample letter to parents to ask for fees, and pocket money from abroad, hostel, boarding facility etc. Letter to Parents Asking for Money Dear Parents, I have to inform you that the due date to submit the fees is very near. I have been warned by the administration to submit the fees in 2 days … Continue reading “Letter to Parents Asking for Money”