Letter to Parents Asking for Money

Sample letter to parents to ask for fees, and pocket money from abroad, hostel, boarding facility etc.

Letter to Parents Asking for Money

Dear Parents,

I have to inform you that the due date to submit the fees is very near. I have been warned by the administration to submit the fees in 2 days otherwise I would not be allowed to sit in the class which would eventually affect my grades. I have been lazy enough to not inform you about the required fees before, and now I feel guilty. Kindly send me $1000 so I can pursue my studies with sheer determination. I promise to not let you down. Thank you

Your loving son,

Daniel Faraday

Sample Letter to Parents for Money

Dear Mom & Dad,

I hope you are doing well, and all brothers, and sisters are well too. I am also doing well but I miss you very much in my hostel. As you know I have passed my first year examination, and now I have to submit my fees for the second year which is Rs. 10000/. The last date of submission is 12.10. Please send me the required amount as soon as possible via easy paisa, or please deposit it in my bank account online so that I can submit my fees before the due date.

I hope you will send me money soon. I will come to see you all in a few days on the occasion of Eid. Please pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours Son,

Abid Saleem

Letter to Parents Asking for Extra Money

The Parents

Dear Parents,

I hope it finds you well, and healthy. Purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that I have run short of money. Due to some unexpected expenditure, I have spent all of my credit. Due date for payment of my college fees is close, and I do not have enough money to pay for it. Moreover, I have to pay for my hostel bills too.

I am therefore asking for some extra money in time of need.



Letter to Father Asking Money for Trip

Dear Dad,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. Today I am writing this to you so that I can ask for some money. Dad my trip is going to Verul, and I need Rs.4000 for that, as my whole class is going on the trip, and I want to go there too, I know it’s end of the month, and you have less money at the end of the month but I need it, last year you have promised me that you will give me money for trip next year.

Last date for submission of money to tourism club is 24th of august. So please send me money before 24th so that I can submit it.

Love you.
Take care,


Letter to Father Asking Money for College Trip

 Dear Father,

How are you, and mother doing? I am fine too. I just got done with my second semester of second year, and did quite well in them, and am hoping for a good GPA. What about little Fatima’s result? She was supposed to get it by the end of month, right?

I sent this letter to ask for money for my university trip. During the winter break, which is after 2 weeks, our batch is going to Murree for 6 days. The university will be arranging the conveyance, and book the hotel in which we will be staying. However, I have to pay an amount of PKR 20,000 to the university in which the meals will also be included. You know how I loved going to the northern areas from the beginning. This trip will also act as mind freshener, and I can start the new semester with a renewed ardor. The deadline to pay the money is 23rd September (Date). I have attached the form with the letter which contains all the details of the trip.

I hope you send me the money by the deadline. Take care of yourself, and mama, and give lots of love to little Fatima.

With love,

Ali Noor

Letter to Father Asking Money for College Trip

Dear Father,

I hope you, and the rest of the family are doing well, and I am hoping to visit home again within the next month.
Our class is going on a long tour for a week from October 18th to October 21st. We will be exploring the northern areas, and we will be doing various different activities such as canoeing, and swimming.
This will be a very great, and enjoyable experience for me; the fee for this trip is $100. Please send the amount to my bank account before the 18th. Thank you very much.

Your Son

Letter to Father Asking Money for College Trip

Dear Father,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. How is everything at home? I am writing this letter to ask of you a small favor. After an academically challenged, and stressful semester my college has decided to arrange a field trip for the batch. It is on the 27th of October, and we will be accompanied by our teachers, and batch mates. Our journey will begin from Islamabad, and we will go all the way till Kashmir. We will have a bonfire night, and will return back to Islamabad after a three day stay. I had been saving money from my job for this trip but it is still not enough. I was hoping if you could give me some money so I can pay the field trip fee, and enjoy this trip with my friends.

I will be waiting for your letter, sending much love to you, and mom. Take care!

Best Regards.

Bilal Ali

Your son

Letter to Father for Asking Money For trip



Dear father,

I hope that you find this letter at best of your health. The main reason to write this letter is to inform you that my head of department has arranged a field trip to salt mines. As you know I am a student of environment studies. In this subject, the more exposure you get the more educated you are. I have always loved to go on trips but this trip is something different from the rest of trips as it is not only a fun trip. This is basically a study trip where we will be going to see the practical of what we have already studied. The main target that will be covering the trip guideline is atmosphere of salt ranges, formation of salt rocks, structure of salt rocks, and the atmosphere of mines. We will be conducting some experiments with the pure form of salt there. We will also be visiting Potohar plateau. I have always been curious towards plateaus, and I am really eager to see them in real. The amount to pay for this trip is 3000. The trip is one day including 2 times meal, and experiment apparatus being provided to us. I know the amount is a bit high for you to pay but this is really an important chance which cannot be missed. The late date to submit the trip charges is in next week. So kindly send me this amount before than that so I can pay it on time, and get me name booked before the slots end.

Convey my greetings to all at home.



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