Sample Letter of Withdrawal from Business Partnership


Sample excuse, and apology letter for withdrawal of business partnership which can be used in any kind of business partnership, and Joint Account Partnership due to some valid reasons.

Leaving a Business Partnership Letter

Mr. Cameron
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Mr. Cameron I’m writing to you to give you an official letter for our business partnership finishing.

A few years ago we started a business together, and it was good for a while but then we started to lose money. At first it was small amounts but then it got bigger to the point that I thought I wasn’t going mad. I hired a private investigator, and he looked into every member of my employees. I am very disappointed when he told me you are the one stealing from me, and how much. Its official my lawyer gave me the documents today so now you are no longer part of this company I am a single partner now.

Yours sincerely,

Client’s name

Letter of Withdrawal from Business Partnership

Respected Mr. Ali,

I’m writing this because I feel I owe you a personal apology. I’m really very sorry it was all my mistake still I’ve ended partnership with you by blaming you, my behavior was also rude I know it’s hard for you to forgive me but still try to forget about everything happened between us. I know you will forgive me, and forget everything.


Abbas Ahmed

Partnership Termination Letter to Business Partner


Dear Friend,
I am fine, and I hope you are doing fine too. I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other day. I know I panicked, and I am sorry for that but I think it’s time now. Our partnership had been going on for like ten years counting this one as the eleventh one…I always trusted you with all my heart, and soul but when word came up about you stealing from the company I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to see proofs, and unfortunately I saw them. It’s okay if you needed money, I hope instead of stealing you would’ve asked me for it.

As the saying goes “There is no crying over spilt milk” I don’t think crying over what happened is of any use now. What happened? I promise it will not affect our friendship but I had no choice other than to end my business partnership with you. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.


Letter to Support a Business Partner


Sample letter to your business partner for assuring your support during any circumstances like financial problems, management problems, investment issues etc.

Letter to Support a Business Partner Against Employee Disputes



Business Partner

Jim, and Co, London, UK

Dear Peter

Hope you are doing great, since I am away for some time, and could not talk to you for a while so I decided to write this letter. You kept on updating me through emails, and I am thankful to you. This letter is regarding the production manager who has some issues with you. I have read the whole problem you told me in email, and looking at the scenario I completely support you in this regard. I respect your decision, and want you to stick to it, and don’t let any employee exploit us. Rest we will talk later upon meeting. Hoping to see you soon,

Yours sincerely,

Jhon Smith

Manchester, UK

Letter to Support a Business Partner

Respected Partner,

This letter is to request a financial support to one of our partners. One of our business partner had been facing financial problems due to a decision of court, and payment of its penalty. The partner is facing extreme financial issues, and requests all other partners for a financial support from the business reserves. He only wants to withdraw 70% of his contribution in the firm. Further he had acknowledged that he would repay all these withdrawal within the three months. This decision is pending for approval of all the other members.



Partnership Dissolution Letter to Client


Sample letter to inform the client about dissolution of business partnership of your company, or managing partner. Sample partnership break up letter format for company, and clients.

Partnership Dissolution Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Agha,

As you are the trust worthy, and old customer of Rosey Group Of Companies, that’s why we are writing to you. This letter is for your information that I am Mr. Lokhandwala, and my business partner Mr. Kaalia has decided to break up our partnership due to some personal reasons. From now the name of Rosey Group of Industries is not the property of both of us. The new name will be Abstract Thinkers Company Limited, that is owned only by me. And it is also for your information that Mr. Kaalia is also not my business partner now.

So, we will be not responsible for your any kind of give, and take behind the name of Rosey Group of Industries. You are requested to have your orders, and links with Abstract Thinkers Company LTD from now.

Thanks, and regards,

Abstract Thinkers Company LTD

Letter of Partnership Suspension to Clients

Dear Mr. Samuel Johnson,

I hope you shall be hale, and hearty. Being a long time client of Stealth Corporation, you are aware of the fact that it has been being administered by two shareholders namely Mr. Mark Wilson, and Mr. Woods Henry for previous five years. The letter is intended to inform you about the dissolution of partnership between its two shareholders. From the beginning of next month onward, both shareholders will do their business independently.

Moreover, the name of the previously joint business has been replaced by Mark Stealth Corporation, and Woods Stealth Corporation with entirely different functions, and services. For more information regarding this, you are most welcome to contact at our previous official phone number, and email id.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Mr. Roosevelt,

Manager HR, Stealth Corporation

Partnership Dissolution Letter to Customers

Dear Francis,
As you can understand that profits, and losses are essential parts of fate of every business. Unfortunately, the company has suffered an unprecedented loss in the history of our business due to sudden economic, and energy crisis in the country. On this account, the board of governors of the company has decided to dissolve partnership of the company with its stakeholders. According to their wisdom, the decision will provide an opportunity to all its stakeholders to find other means for meeting their economic losses.

Meanwhile, the entire team of the company is proud of the contribution, and vital role of all clients in keeping the company intact, and functioning despite consistent shocks by energy shortages. You have been a valued customer, and as per decision by the Board of Governors, you are being informed about the dissolution of the partnership so that you may not face any inconvenience in your future interaction with the company.



Sample of Partnership Dissolution Letter to Client

This letter is to inform you that our organization which was made on partnership basis is going to be dissolved in the next two months. This dissolution is due to death of one of our partners. If any of the amount is due to you from the firm then please let us know about it within this month in order to maintain good business relations.

Letter to Cancel Business Partnership


Sample letter to cancel, dissolve, or terminate the business partnership agreed on a signed document. Termination of partnership also require many formalities which are mentioned in the partnership dissolving letter. If you are ending your business partnership due to personal dispute, business growth, or financial problems then this is a best letter for you.

Letter to Dissolve Business Partnership

Cape Industries Co.,
United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,

I want to say that I want to cancel the business partnership with you as I am shifting abroad, and I want to shift my business there too. So I want to cancel this partnership as I intend to create my own company there.



Sample Letter Terminating a Business Partnership

Mr. Daniel
Managing Partner
Tax-with Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Letter to Cancel Business Partnership

Dear Daniel,

It is pleasure to have very long business partnership of “Tax-with Pvt. Ltd.” with you. We both enjoyed this agreed partnership in terms of profit, growth, goodwill, and our friendship. Now we are in good positions, and having capital to manage separate businesses as discussed in our last meeting. Our partnership goes long even more than our agreement. It was just because of your goodness, and competency.

As for as our personal relationship is concerned we are having some issues because of our employees, which have been resolved in the last meeting. Before we get into any further misunderstandings as likely to be aroused we must get it dissolved, and we keep enjoying our friendship.

We can proceed to terminate the partnership agreement as defined in our first agreement. Which clearly define the terms, and conditions for termination of assets, capital, employees, and goodwill.

I will request you to please review our first partnership agreement before our next meeting scheduled on Tuesday. We will also sign a stamp paper after successful termination of our partnership agreement.

Even after separating the businesses I hope we will be good competitors, and beat in market as we did in last two years. It was very nice experience of partnership with you, and I will ever miss a very nice partner like you.

Best wishes for your success.

Thanks in Anticipation,


Letter to Cancel Business Partnership

Thank you Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude for Valued Association


Sample thanks letter for business partnership with gratitude, well wishes, terms of partnership special thanks to the other partner. You can send this partnership thanks letter by email or in courier service. Simple partnership letter is free for download but strongly prohibited publishing it on the internet or elsewhere.

Sample thanks letter for business partnership with another company, business, corporation to make a joint venture, or enhancing/expanding the existing business with more financial resources, etc.

Letter of Thanks for Business Partnership

Dear Sir,

Thank you for making us your business partner. I would appreciate it that you respond to our request soon, and bid obliged to you for making us your Business partner. Your expression of trust is expressed in believing us. We together will pursue this business and flourish soon with hard efforts. Once again, thank you very much for believing us.

Yours sincerely,

Sun Company

Business Partnership Thanks Letter

Subject: Thank you Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude for Valued Association

Dear Sir/Madam,

Toba University is running the Volunteers in Service Program quite successfully for the last 5 years. We have deployed more than 10,000 volunteers in different organizations. Many of our volunteers have made splendid contributions to our partner organizations while contributing to society and serving our community.

All of this could not have been possible without the cooperation and all-out the support of our valued partners like AH FOUNDATION. We want to express our gratitude for your continued support and cooperation in this regard. This is a great service to the nation that AH FOUNDATION and the London School of Economics provide through this partnership.

We hope that you will continue to stand by our side in this great endeavor of promoting volunteerism and fostering Socially Responsible Citizens. Thank you so much for the role that you are playing alongside the London School of Economics. I am attaching a copy of our Annual Report of London School of Economics volunteer program]. Accept our gratitude for all your support and cooperation. Looking forward to a long-lasting relationship between the London School of Economics and AH FOUNDATION.

Warm Regards,

Minahil Qasim
Incharge Volunteer in Service Program

Thanks Letter for Business Partnership

Respected James,

I want to say thanks to you for the partnership you offered me. I think we both know this business well, and we will touch the heights of success in the future. It was so nice of you that you chose me for the partnership. I was already willing to work with you, and I promise to give my best to this partnership. I pray that the bonding between us remains the same, and together we will achieve more. Once again, thanks for putting your trust in me. I will maintain it.

Yours truly,

Dexter Morgan

Request Letter for Business Partnership


Sample letter asking for school business partnership or education business partnership for multi-purposes. This letter can be treated as an invitation for coordination in similar schools.

Education Business Partnership Letter


Subject: Request Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Sir,

AH Foundation is in the process of establishing an Independent Living Center for students with disabilities. In addition, we are in the process of establishing links with organizations serving special persons in education and welfare. For this purpose, we look forward to getting connected for further link development.

Best regards

Name and Signatures

Invitation Letter for Business Partnership for fundraising of a hospital or other events.

Business Partnership Invitation Letter


Subject: Invitation Letter for Visit

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine and doing your best. We are really grateful for your time to visit us on concise notice and thank you very much for inviting us to visit BIT Hospital.

As per our discussion, I am sending you this email. We are interested in Work Part-Time with BIT Hospital to establish its fundraising department for more betterment in the Hospital. As per my discussion with my colleague, the results would be more beneficial if we start it before Ramazan this year. For a better fundraising campaign during Ramadan, preparations should be started as soon as possible because Ramazan is approaching.

Mr. Qadir today discussed with me to visit the BIT Hospital during this week. So surely we will visit it as soon as possible with the coordination of Mr. Qadir.

Looking for further discussions

Best Regards,

Name and Signature

Invitation Letter for Partnership of Business

To the General manager Cube pharmaceuticals

Dear sir, I am writing you this letter in response to the meeting (date) at your Perth office.

As per the agenda, the following points were discussed:

1). The merger of the brand name

2). Operations of the merger

3). Responsibilities and liabilities of both parties

Our board of governors discussed the three above-mentioned points during our general meeting this month, chaired by our chairman Miss Rachel Green.

The Board of governors has decided that we should proceed with the merger taking your proposals under consideration.  The board has demanded your financial and technical bid along with a list of your current assets so that we can further process your company’s value. I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours truly

Chandler Bing
General manager
Highzed pharmaceuticals, and instruments co