Partnership Dissolution Letter to Client

Sample letter to inform the client about dissolution of business partnership of your company, or managing partner. Sample partnership break up letter format for company, and clients.

Partnership Dissolution Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Agha,

As you are the trust worthy, and old customer of Rosey Group Of Companies, that’s why we are writing to you. This letter is for your information that I am Mr. Lokhandwala, and my business partner Mr. Kaalia has decided to break up our partnership due to some personal reasons. From now the name of Rosey Group of Industries is not the property of both of us. The new name will be Abstract Thinkers Company Limited, that is owned only by me. And it is also for your information that Mr. Kaalia is also not my business partner now.

So, we will be not responsible for your any kind of give, and take behind the name of Rosey Group of Industries. You are requested to have your orders, and links with Abstract Thinkers Company LTD from now.

Thanks, and regards,

Abstract Thinkers Company LTD

Letter of Partnership Suspension to Clients

Dear Mr. Samuel Johnson,

I hope you shall be hale, and hearty. Being a long time client of Stealth Corporation, you are aware of the fact that it has been being administered by two shareholders namely Mr. Mark Wilson, and Mr. Woods Henry for previous five years. The letter is intended to inform you about the dissolution of partnership between its two shareholders. From the beginning of next month onward, both shareholders will do their business independently.

Moreover, the name of the previously joint business has been replaced by Mark Stealth Corporation, and Woods Stealth Corporation with entirely different functions, and services. For more information regarding this, you are most welcome to contact at our previous official phone number, and email id.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Mr. Roosevelt,

Manager HR, Stealth Corporation

Partnership Dissolution Letter to Customers

Dear Francis,
As you can understand that profits, and losses are essential parts of fate of every business. Unfortunately, the company has suffered an unprecedented loss in the history of our business due to sudden economic, and energy crisis in the country. On this account, the board of governors of the company has decided to dissolve partnership of the company with its stakeholders. According to their wisdom, the decision will provide an opportunity to all its stakeholders to find other means for meeting their economic losses.

Meanwhile, the entire team of the company is proud of the contribution, and vital role of all clients in keeping the company intact, and functioning despite consistent shocks by energy shortages. You have been a valued customer, and as per decision by the Board of Governors, you are being informed about the dissolution of the partnership so that you may not face any inconvenience in your future interaction with the company.



Sample of Partnership Dissolution Letter to Client

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to inform you that our organization which was made on partnership basis is going to be dissolved in the next two months. This dissolution is due to death of one of our partners. If any of the amount is due to you from the firm then please let us know about it within this month in order to maintain good business relations.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

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  1. pl give me a sample letter about how can i sent a letter to one of may client about changing of my legal chambers name as i quit from the existing Firm

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