Letter to Support a Business Partner

Sample letter to your business partner for assuring your support during any circumstances like financial problems, management problems, investment issues etc.

Letter to Support a Business Partner Against Employee Disputes



Business Partner

Jim, and Co, London, UK

Dear Peter

Hope you are doing great, since I am away for some time, and could not talk to you for a while so I decided to write this letter. You kept on updating me through emails, and I am thankful to you. This letter is regarding the production manager who has some issues with you. I have read the whole problem you told me in email, and looking at the scenario I completely support you in this regard. I respect your decision, and want you to stick to it, and don’t let any employee exploit us. Rest we will talk later upon meeting. Hoping to see you soon,

Yours sincerely,

Jhon Smith

Manchester, UK

Letter to Support a Business Partner

Respected Partner,

This letter is to request a financial support to one of our partners. One of our business partner had been facing financial problems due to a decision of court, and payment of its penalty. The partner is facing extreme financial issues, and requests all other partners for a financial support from the business reserves. He only wants to withdraw 70% of his contribution in the firm. Further he had acknowledged that he would repay all these withdrawal within the three months. This decision is pending for approval of all the other members.



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