Request Letter for Business Partnership

Sample letter asking for school business partnership or education business partnership for multi-purposes. This letter can be treated as an invitation for coordination in similar schools.

Education Business Partnership Letter


Subject: Request Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Sir,

AH Foundation is in the process of establishing an Independent Living Center for students with disabilities. In addition, we are in the process of establishing links with organizations serving special persons in education and welfare. For this purpose, we look forward to getting connected for further link development.

Best regards

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Invitation Letter for Business Partnership for fundraising of a hospital or other events.

Business Partnership Invitation Letter


Subject: Invitation Letter for Visit

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine and doing your best. We are really grateful for your time to visit us on concise notice and thank you very much for inviting us to visit BIT Hospital.

As per our discussion, I am sending you this email. We are interested in Work Part-Time with BIT Hospital to establish its fundraising department for more betterment in the Hospital. As per my discussion with my colleague, the results would be more beneficial if we start it before Ramazan this year. For a better fundraising campaign during Ramadan, preparations should be started as soon as possible because Ramazan is approaching.

Mr. Qadir today discussed with me to visit the BIT Hospital during this week. So surely we will visit it as soon as possible with the coordination of Mr. Qadir.

Looking for further discussions

Best Regards,

Name and Signature

Invitation Letter for Partnership of Business

To the General manager Cube pharmaceuticals

Dear sir, I am writing you this letter in response to the meeting (date) at your Perth office.

As per the agenda, the following points were discussed:

1). The merger of the brand name

2). Operations of the merger

3). Responsibilities and liabilities of both parties

Our board of governors discussed the three above-mentioned points during our general meeting this month, chaired by our chairman Miss Rachel Green.

The Board of governors has decided that we should proceed with the merger taking your proposals under consideration.  The board has demanded your financial and technical bid along with a list of your current assets so that we can further process your company’s value. I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours truly

Chandler Bing
General manager
Highzed pharmaceuticals, and instruments co

Request Letter for Business Partnership

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  1. Please help me to write a proposal letter. We have a Nursing Training College in GHANA. Would like you help me get some community health centres who needs nursing and some Universities who wants partnerships with US.

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