Cover Letter for Vice Principal Position

Below are the cover letter templates to apply for the vice principal position. Please let us know in the comments if you need new, custom, or different templates for your personal, business, or school needs. Applying for Vice Principal Position at [School Name] Dear Hiring Committee, I am excited to apply for the Vice Principal … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Vice Principal Position”

Application to the Principal for the Change of Name

This letter can be written to head, or any authoritative office holding person by the parent, or a student himself for the correction of spellings of the name, or incorrect Sir name. However, do not forget to give complete details of your name, and other roll number details. Application to the Principal for the Correction … Continue reading “Application to the Principal for the Change of Name”

Permission Application to Principal for College Activity

Sample format of application to send to principal to arrange a college activity like a seminar, trip, farewell, welcome day  for students to have a complete fun in their college life. Permission Application to Principal for College Student Welcome Day  Respected Principal, With due respect, I wrote this application to request you for permission to … Continue reading “Permission Application to Principal for College Activity”

Missed Exam Due to Illness Email

Email to the Principal or Headmaster of the school, and tell him/her the reason for missing an important exam. As exams are an essential part of a student’s life, missing them must possess a very valid reason. Below are examples of medical emergencies which made students miss exams. Application by the Father/Parent for Missed Exams … Continue reading “Missed Exam Due to Illness Email”

Excuse for Not Wearing School Shoes

Sample Request Letter For School Principal to address the concern that you cannot follow dress code as there are stitches on you foot from an accident which does not allow to wear close ended shoes. Request Letter For Wearing School Shoes To, The Principal ABC school. With due respect, and honor I beg to state … Continue reading “Excuse for Not Wearing School Shoes”

Sample Letter Request for Substitute Teacher

Format of sample request letter to send to principal for asking to appoint a teacher as substitute because our teacher is not coming to school since weeks due to domestic issues. Extra teacher of the school is also remain busy. Request Letter To Principal For Substitute Teacher To, The principal, Bloom field school Respected sir, … Continue reading “Sample Letter Request for Substitute Teacher”

Farewell Speech Retiring Principal

Sample farewell speech of retired principal to his students, and teachers. Farewell Speech of Retired Principal Good morning my dear students, and fellow educators! It’s a great feeling seeing you all here bidding me your respected dues, and your good wishes. I have been a part of this school for the last twenty five years. … Continue reading “Farewell Speech Retiring Principal”

Inquiry Letter to Principal

Application to principal asking for reason about child’s admission rejection. Email for Information about Admission Hello there Hope you’re fine, and doing well. We want to visit your institute during 21-23 February (Date), please can you let us know what time will be feasible for you. Please give us the time slot for visiting. We … Continue reading “Inquiry Letter to Principal”

Application Letter to Principal for Require Fee Structure

Application letter to the principal asking for fee structure, and fee procedure for admission of your children, or to refer someone. Application Letter to Principle for Require Fee Structure To,The Principal, Sir,Please refer to our telephone conversation just a couple of hours before, and send me the fee structure to get admission to the Intermediate … Continue reading “Application Letter to Principal for Require Fee Structure”

Thank You Letter to the Principal

Thank you message to school principal. Appreciation letter to principal from student. Thank you letter to school principal from student. Thank you letter to principal from student teacher. Thank you note to school principal. Appreciation letter to principal from teacher. Farewell letter to principal. Thank you principal quotes. Thank You Letter to the Principal To Principal, James High School, USA Dear Miss Ana, I am writing this with such great heart. As this is my last week at school. … Continue reading “Thank You Letter to the Principal”

Apology Letter for Not Attending Exam

Sample application for not attending school exam due to illness or accident. Apology letter for being absent without notice. Sample apology letter to principal for absence. Application for not Attending School Exam The Principal, It is humbly requested that a road accident happened to last month. Due to that, I had to spend almost 28 days in hospital as my right knee was fractured. My all family members were extremely … Continue reading “Apology Letter for Not Attending Exam”

Admission Rejection Letter Samples

Sample admission rejection letter from principal, directer of the school/college after entry test, or interview of the candidate for a vacant position, or advertised job. Rejection Letter from Principal Martin Jubilee Apartment Sultanate of Oman  Dear Martin, This letter is a notification about your admission proceeding against your application to the School of Engineering, Department of … Continue reading “Admission Rejection Letter Samples”

Cover Letter for Principal Job

Sample job application, or cover letter for principal, vice principal, or assistant principal in primary school, secondary school, private, or government school, and college. Cover Letter for Principal Position [Your Name] [Email Address] [Phone Number] [Principal’s Name] [School Name] Dear [Principal’s Name], I am writing to apply for the Principalship position at [School Name]. With … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Principal Job”

Welcome Address by Principal on Sports Day

Sample welcome address by principal of school, college on annual sports day for students, and parents. Welcome Speech by Principal on Sports Day Hello Children, I believe that you all are doing good right now, and are also excited about the Sports Day arranged by the school. Sports should be made a part of life … Continue reading “Welcome Address by Principal on Sports Day”

Letter to Principal of College to Open Library

Sample application letter to principal, director, head of department, hod to open library on weekdays, over time, after study hours, or on sundays during exams. Request to Open College Library The Principal, Post Graduate College, Scotland. Dear Sir, Letter to principal of college to open library on Saturday, and Sunday It is humbly stated that … Continue reading “Letter to Principal of College to Open Library”

Application for Return My Mobile Phone from Principal

Sample application letter to get a return of mobile, or cell phone from school, and college teachers, principal, headmaster, in charge, etc. Request for Return of Confiscated Mobile Phone Dear Principal [Name], I am writing this application to request the return of my mobile phone, which was confiscated by one of your staff members. The … Continue reading “Application for Return My Mobile Phone from Principal”

Termination Letter for School Principal from Management

Sample letter to termination for the principal of the school college due to poor performance, mismanagement to fire, or sack the principal from the job. Termination Letter for School Principal for His Poor Performance The Headmistress, Respected Madam, With due respect it is to inform you that the school is not satisfied with your performance, the system … Continue reading “Termination Letter for School Principal from Management”

Complaint Letter to Principal by Parents

Sample complaint letter to principal by parents against misbehavior of one of teachers with their son in the class. Parents write a complaint of teacher for misconduct with the child in class, or institute. Complaint Letter to Principal from Parents The Principal, The City School Dear Sir, I am father of Mr. Maxwell who is … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Principal by Parents”