Excuse for Not Wearing School Shoes

Sample Request Letter For School Principal to address the concern that you cannot follow dress code as there are stitches on you foot from an accident which does not allow to wear close ended shoes.

Request Letter For Wearing School Shoes


The Principal

ABC school.

With due respect, and honor I beg to state that I am a student in your school in grade 7, and last night when I was riding my bicycle I had an accident, and injured my right foot. After getting the first aid I had to get some stitches on my toe, which was unavoidable.

My doctor told me that I can only wear open, and easy sandals which do not enclose my toes for the next one month so I will not be able to wear my school shoes in the coming month.

As you know, the exams are approaching fast, and I cannot miss my classes at this point. So I would like to request you that on account of my injury, allow me to wear sandals instead of my school shoes For next whole month. Me, and my parents will be really thankful if you allow me to do so.

I will attach the doctor’s prescription with this application for your kind review.


Yours Obediently,


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