Job Reference Letter Template Free

Sample Job Reference Letter Template for therapists. Reference letter some time required by the employer as surety of your performance, or as formality in govt/high profile jobs. This is also known as job recommendation letter from your boss, manager, director, teacher, professor to apply for overseas jobs when the employer can’t see you physically. Sample … Continue reading “Job Reference Letter Template Free”

Application for Fuel Allowance Increment

Sample application for requesting fuel allowance from the company. The manager/supervisor writes this application for a recommendation of fuel allowance of subordinates. Fuel Allowance Increment Application Respected GM, This application is to request an increment in Fuel Allowance. I had been promoted to Senior Inventory manager from Assistant Manager last month. My duties have increased as … Continue reading “Application for Fuel Allowance Increment”

Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer

Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer while doing job with scholarship from the company. Recommendation Letter for Studies by Employer The Institute XYZ, Head of Department, Lahore Subject: Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in favor of Mr. M Umer Farooq who is working in my … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer”

Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Want to write a recommendation letter for advance salary? We are giving you a sample letter of recommendation for the loan, or advance salary from the company to employees. Recommendation Email for Advance Salary to Female Employee Dear Madam, (Name of Employee) applied for an advance salary of next month (month name/year). I endorse her … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary”

Contractor Recommendation Letter Format

Below is the letter to recommend a contractor with whom you have worked in past, or planning to work in future for contracts of multinational companies. It can be your own sister concern company, or business partner company. Where you give evidence of your experience with that company, and give recommendations about the efficiency, performance, … Continue reading “Contractor Recommendation Letter Format”

Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son

Sample Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son in wapda on the basis of Master’s of Business Administration with the reference of Father. Sample Request letter for son jobs. To, The Chief Executive, LESCO, L.E.D Lahore Sub: Application For The Post of Assistant Manager Dear Sir, It is stated that myself M. Zahid would like to bring … Continue reading “Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son”

Sample Letter of Data Collection, and Research Work

Sample letter of data collection for research work in college and university by college and university authorities. Sample recommendation application for information collection about the special students for research projects of university students. Data Collection for Research Work in University Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Data Collection and Research Work To Whom It May Concern This … Continue reading “Sample Letter of Data Collection, and Research Work”

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

Want a recommendation letter? Sample Letter of recommendation to refer someone for a job, employment, or internship. You can print this letter on your company/organization letterhead or white paper just for reference. These recommendation letters can be issued by the professor, doctor, minister, boss, or blood relations. Job Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager To … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship”