Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

Want a recommendation letter? Sample Letter of recommendation to refer someone for a job, employment, or internship. You can print this letter on your company/organization letterhead or white paper just for reference. These recommendation letters can be issued by the professor, doctor, minister, boss, or blood relations.

Job Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

To Whomever, It May Concern

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss Mr. Lee Heading. Mr. Lee Heading is a former employee of mine. I am a company director of BHS (British Home Stores). I have several stores all across the United Kingdom, and Lee was one of my very best managers. His duty was to go to each of my stores and make sure that it is running smoothly. He would spend a week or two there, send me the report, send him what I want changing if anything does, and send him my views. Last week he left my company to go and get a chance to dream of doing the one job that he has wanted to do all of his life to become a care worker.

Over the years that I have known Lee, I can say for certain that he is a very caring person, and he will do anything to help people. Not only have I known Lee as an employee but as a friend as well. He asked me to write him a recommendation letter, so here it is. Lee is a very good hard worker, and he can do anything he puts his mind to. Very motivated and determined.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mike Lonesome

Sample Internship Recommendation Letter from Institute


This is to certify that Ms. Kanza Khan of Semester 4th S/D/O Faisal Khan is a bonafide student of Kinnaird College. She is currently enrolled in the MBA Program with Media Studies Major. Our Master’s degree program requires hundred hours of community service/internship in a renowned institution to enable the students to enhance their practical skills. She has the motivation, skills, intellectual potential, and perseverance to take on any responsibility.

I strongly recommend her to do Job, Internship, or Community Service at your prestigious institution.


Department of Media Services

Recommendation Letter for Job Format from Professor

It is certified that Ms. Aiman Ayub of Semester 2nd D/O Ayub Malik is a bonafide student of Kinnaird College for Women. She is currently enrolled in B.Sc (Honors) Program with an Applied Psychology major. I strongly recommend she opt for AH Foundation as a Psychologist. She has the motivation, skills, intellectual potentials, and perseverance to take on any responsibility.

I recommend she apply for this post at your prestigious organization.

Dr. Sumaira Mohyd

Sample Letter of Recommendation For Job And Internship by the professor, lecturer, teacher, etc.

The Technical Recruitment Manager

Subject: Recommendation Letter For Job And Internship

Respected Concerned,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter of recommendation to you in favor of my bright student Mr. Wuhan. He has been a top student in the BS class of (Date). His research has brought a good name not only to him but to me as his mentor and the university. His conduct during studies and research under my supervision was as excellent as a competent student.

Moreover, he is a team player who has brought results from his research in collaboration with his team. Therefore, I surely recommend him for an internship/job in the robotics R&D department at your prestigious company. So kindly consider his application with a full good turn.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Li Chin

Recommendation Letter for Job, and Internship

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Nelson as an up-and-coming candidate for any job. He has been a very hardworking and dedicated person in my observation.

During his studies, he showed exceptional skills, which will make him a valuable asset to any company he joins. Apart from studies, he has also proved his proficiency in extra-curricular activities. Therefore, I trust him and endorse him for any job or internship he is applying to.

Further information can be updated on demand.


The principal

Recommendation Letter for Job, and Internship

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