Sample Letter of Data Collection, and Research Work

Sample letter of data collection for research work in college and university by college and university authorities. Sample recommendation application for information collection about the special students for research projects of university students.

Data Collection for Research Work in University

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Data Collection and Research Work

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr./Ms.___________ is a bonafide student of MS Health Psychology, LCWU. He/She is conducting a research entitled “The Relationship Between Perceived Stress, and Coping Strategies among Parents of Autistic Children” under the supervision of Mr./Ms._______ lecturer LCWU. She needs to collect data from your organization; your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Name and Signature

A letter from the University Principal to the company manager requesting to allow the granting of information required on research work of student’s project

Dear General Manager,

It is to request you that John, William, Smith, and Snow are the student of the University of the Chicago working on traffic analysis on Golden Gate Bridge. These four students will come to you on (Date). Since the research work they are doing holds valuable importance to the university and the government, you are kindly requested to allow them the information they need.

They need only general survey-related information. After their work, you are welcome to preview this research anytime you want. I assure you that there will be no misuse of this information, and the source of this information will be kept concealed. We will be responsible for any misuse of this information.

I hope that you will allow the group of four students to have this information in light of the above-mentioned events. I shall be very thankful to you for this kind favor.

Thanking in advance

Yours sincerely,

Ammara Ahmad

Request for Project Data Collection/Gathering

Dear Sir/Ms.

I am a Lahore University of Management Sciences student, and I am writing to you regarding my 1502 Organizational Behavior (ORSC  201) project. I was an intern at AHF in (Date) in Speech Therapy Department, and the experience left a long-lasting impression on me. Moreover, your organization with international collaborations and recognized practices has further compelled me to write to you.

I wish to study how AHF’s founders’ personal traits have a trickle-down effect on the organizational culture and values and how the culture and values upheld by the institution contributed to the overall success of AHF.

I request you to extend help to my group of four members so we can visit AHF. We want to conduct surveys and interviews with AHF staff and request one interview with President and Vice President.

I shall be highly grateful for your support and cooperation.

Best Regards


Application for Data Collection from University Students

Dear Sir,

I am conducting a research study to look at “Level of implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Pakistani Organizations” as part of my MS-SCM project. Therefore, I need the views of experienced “Supply Chain/ Procurement/ Production/ Quality” managers.

For this purpose, I require your help in getting responses from relevant persons from your contacts.

Thanks a lot for your co-operation.

Thanks & Regards

Request Letter For Data Collection by Students

I hope you are doing well. I am (Your Name) from Lahore University of Management Sciences. I am a 3rd-year student doing Bachelors’s in Management Sciences. I am currently taking a Non-Profit/Voluntary Organizations course in which we are supposed to pick one NGO and analyze it on various dimensions.

I hereby want to take your consent if you are willing to spend an hour two with me to learn about your organization. I am attaching the template of questions that will make the foundation of our discussion. If you agree, I will pay a visit to your organization and learn about it. Hoping to hear from you. Warm Regards,

(Your name)

Sample Letter of Data Collection, and Research Work

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