Application for Salary Slip for Loan Purpose


Sample application letter to accounts for issuing salary slip to apply for bank loan, and mention little more amount of gross salary to meet the bank requirements.

Salary Slip for Bank Loan


The manager, Nestle UAE,

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to ask for my salary slips for last 6 month as I want a loan from bank, and I have to submit them as a proof, I need the loan on urgent basis because of my son’s visa fee so I request you to process my application as soon as possible. I shall be really thankful to you for this favor. Thanks

MR. Amir Nadeem, Media team, Nestle Miami

Salary Slip for Loan Purpose

Dear Sir,
With due respect, I want to say that I am an employ of HKS Marketing & Co. I am a 15th grade officer there, and my salary is around $1500. My son has recently passed out from the college, and he has successfully secured his admission in George Town University. His first tuition installment is of $8500. I can’t afford that much amount of money due to which I need to take a loan from the bank. In order to take a loan of $10,000 from bank, a pay slip of $5000 is required. I request to you kindly issue me a pay slip of $5000 so that I may take loan from the bank in order to successfully carry out educational expenses of my son.
I hope that you will allow me to take the pay slip of prescribed amount in coming week keeping in view my problem. I shall be thankful to you for this favor.
Yours truly,

Inam Elani

Request of Salary Slip for Bank Loan

The Administrator,

London Fire Service,

United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,


I beg to state that I am working as a computer operator in esteemed London Fire Service. I have been a regular employee, and also eligible to apply for bank loan. In this context, I need salary slip from account office.

You are requested to please enjoin the accounts officer to provide me latest salary slip of this month with verification of the department so that I could apply for bank loan as I need it on urgent basis.

Your cooperation shall be highly praised.

Jack Dotson,

Computer Operator.

Application For Salary Slip For Loan Purpose

How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances


How to Fix Salary Basic, and Allowances for newly hired office staff.

Qualification Based Salary:  You can fix the salary based on Professional Qualification. Most of the companies also have grading systems. They specify the grading based on qualification. For example, for graduation, they have 12th Grade, and 14 for Master Qualifications. And they offer a salary to new staff according to grades only, and also offer increments as per grades. Like two increments for 12th Grade, and three increments for 14 Grades, and likewise.

Professional Experience-Based Salary:

You can also fix the salary as per the experience of the employee. For the senior employees, you must have to pay more salary than the lower experience staff.

Designation Based Salary:

Sometimes it is necessary to fix the salary as per the designation of the employee. For example, if you are hiring two persons. One as manager, and the other as executive, or assistant then you must have to pay more salary for the manager, and less for the other post, or junior post.

Work Load Based Salary:

Most of the labor, or daily worker salaries are fixed on the basis of workload, and efforts to complete work.

Working Hours Based Salary:

A most simple form to fix wages of the daily worker, or regular employees. Just pay per hour. This type of salary system mostly used in larger factories where a large number of workers perform the same tasks like production units, stitching units, etc.

Payslip Format in Word Free Download


Sample payslip format in word document is available for free download for offices, factories, mills, and production units. This Pay slip is also available in excel format, and known as wage slip for salary payments. Please visit payslip in excel, or salary slip format for more options.

Sample Payslip Template


Salary Slip for the Month of April 2013

Name: Rosey Urooj Gross Salary: 15K  Net Salary: 15K Designation: Mngr
Processing Month: 04-13 Working Days: 30 Absence: 1 Leaves: 0







Basic Salary


Income Tax




Van Fare










Total Earning


Total Deduction


Net Payment:


Payee’s Signature________________
Accounts Officer         Finance Secretary   Chief Executive

Download Sample Payslip format in MS Word from below link

Payslip Format in Word Free Download

Details of Payslip: Above Available payslip Format for download includes basic salary, allowance, arrears, Income Tax, Van Fare, security deposit, and deductions section. Word format of payslip is simple with manual calculations. The first row of payslip includes gross salary, net salary, working days, leaves, and absents for a particular month.

Usage Instructions

Please download the attached Ms Word file for sample pay slip. If the attachment is not showing don’t worry just copy, and paste the above format in Ms Word file, and make adjustments. Change all the desired information(personal information, salary breakups, payee signature, net payment etc), and your payslip will be ready to be used, and get it printed on plain paper with authorized signatures.

Purpose of Payslip

It is a most widely used document issued by employers, and companies, and required by the employees, and staff members as a certificate that they have worked with the employer, and have earned the pay amount with following allowances, and tax deductions.

Download Links:

Salary Slip Request Email Letter to HR, Boss, Company, etc


Want to ask for your salary slip? Sample letter requesting salary slip certificate from your office, company, or employer. We provided many letters asking for salary slips or payslips to fulfill your needs like tax filing, tax exemption, new job, increment, or any other calculation of your annual salary payments.

Requesting in Email for Salary Slip

Dear Sir,

Please provide a stamped copy of my salary slips for (month names). I need it immediately for (credit card, loan, or you can mention any reason). I will be thankful to you.

(be careful while mentioning reason because sometimes private employers hesitate to provide salary slips for legal or verifications purposes)

Warm Regards,

Your Name

Application for Salary Slip for Credit Card, Loan, Income Tax Return etc

Dear Madam,

I want to request the issuance of my salary slip, which is not being received for the last three months. Please check with the accounts department to resolve the issue immediately because I need it for Credit Card/Bank loans/Income Tax returns. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Requesting Salary Slip from Account Department

Dear Sir,
I request you to please provide my salary slip (of months like January, February, etc.). I need it urgently(for (mention if asking for any specific purpose)).

Sincerely Yours,
Your Name

Sample Request Letter for Salary Slip for Taxation purposes


Subject: Salary Slip Request Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to request you to please issue my salary slips since June. I have received all the salaries, but official salary slips were not issued. I need all the slips for taxation purposes, and salary records. I also request you to please issue me salary slips with monthly salary.

Thanking You,

M. Ikram
Manager Sales

Request for Issuance of Duplicate Salary Slip, and Experience Certificate

The HR Department

Subject: Issuance of salary slip, and an experience letter for a new job

Dear Ma’am,
It is humbly requested you kindly award me an experience letter for working as a lecturer at Kinnaird’s English Literature Department for one complete semester (six months), i.e., from (date to date). This will improve my CV. Kindly issue me a duplicate of my salary slip to maintain my records for further job interviews.

Working at Kinnaird has been a challenging experience for me, and I thank you for this opportunity.

Nadia Anjum
English Literature Department

Payslip Requesting Email Letter

Dear Mr. James,

I am Ms. Mariam Amjad working as Manager Hi-Gene for two years. Recently I applied for foreign immigration, and they required my work Experience letter, and monthly Payslip as proof of job. I request you to please issue me at least four months’ payslips since January. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Mariam Amjad

Manager Hi-Gene

Issue my Wageslip for Future Reference

Dear Ms. Fatima,
I have worked as Marketing Executive at (Company Name). I request you to please issue my wage slip for official purposes in the future. I have had a great experience working with this company. I will be thankful to you.


Banks also require salary slips to open a bank account, issuing credit cards, loans, advance salary loans, etc. Click these links if you are looking for Salary Slip or a Pay Slip Template.

Salary Slip Format in Excel and Word


What is a salary slip? How to create a salary slip in excel? We will guide you and provide you Salary Slip Format and Templates for free download. Salary Slip Sample in Excel includes all the functions for Companies, Organizations, Institutions, and Factories for their employees. Free Download Salary Slip/wage slip Templates in Excel and Word Format from links at the bottom.

Directions for Use of Salary Slip

Download the attached files of Salary Slip in your desired format in MS Excel or Ms word from the bottom links. If the download link is not showing at the bottom, please copy, and paste the below salary slip in a word or excel sheet. Put the desired values in the amount column. You can change, add, or delete the items as per your requirements for your employees. MS Excel format makes auto calculations, so it needs to add or put your desired values in the relevant columns. After adding values, your salary slip is ready to be printed on plain paper and get signed by the relevant authorities.

Download Salary Slip Format in Word

Company Name                         Pay Advice for January (Date)
Employ#____   Name________                         Department_______Designation________ Salary for __ Days__________
Pay & AllowancesDeductionsOther Details
House Rent_______
Other All_______
Over Time_______
Other DED 2______
PF Count Bal______
Gross        _________Total DED    _______Net ________
Salary Credited to Your Account#                            _______________
Bank Name   ___________                             Branch______________

_______     ___________   ____________

Accountant            Finance Manager              Chief Executive

Print/Image views of Salary Slip Format in Excel

Prints/Image views of Salary Slip Format in MS Word

Functions, and Options in the Salary Slip:

Salary Slip format for employees includes all options like Basic Salary, House Rent, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance, Special Allowance, Over Time, Bonus, Arrears, Tax, and Others Section to mention any special amount. These Salary Slip Formats also include a deduction section where you can deduct amounts like PF, Counter, Other DED 2, EOBI, and Security deduction options with tax deduction facilities. You can use our salary slip in MS Excel with a formula for auto calculations and MS Word for manual calculations.

If you need more options with auto calculation just write in the below comment form.

You will also learn how to make the salary slip in excel and word with the latest tax calculations from the above samples.

Purpose of Salary Slip

Salary Slip is a business document issued by companies to the employees and staff with a monthly salary. It is proof that the company has paid the salary, including all the allowances and tax deductions. The employer keeps a copy of the salary slip for the future record, and the employee can keep it as a record and present it for negotiations on new jobs.

This can also be used as a legal document with a company stamp and signature in case of need in lawful requirements and labor courts to settle disputes with employers/employees. Normally, it also includes tax deduction details of tax-paying employees. The employees should keep it in the record for the income tax department and submit tax returns.

Salary Slip Download Links:

  1. Download Salary Slip in Excel Format Free
  2. Download Salary Slip in Word Format Free

How to Use Salary Certificate Format in Mail Merging?

Please download the Ms. Format, put all your data into Excel Sheet, and use the mail merging function of Microsoft Word. We will post more details with the Image tutorial to create salary certificates for employees, company employees, and staff members.

For More Salary Slip Templates Click Here

Suppose you have modified our templates and want to share them on our site. Please send your templates to this email:, or if you need any help to modify this template, you can write in the below comments form. We love to hear from you.

Payslip Format in Excel For Company Free Download


Sample Payslip Format in Excel Sheet with auto calculation formula for office, business, production units, and factories in Asia, UK, USA, and Europe. This free payslip template is taken from a multinational company. Free download this sample payslip template from the below link in the excel file. You can visit salary slip format in Excel or Payslip Format in Word for more wage slip options. You can write back any suggestions and improvements in the available samples or other letters and applications.

Instructions for How to Create Payslip

Download the payslip from the links at the bottom of the page. If the download format in excel is not available, don’t worry; copy and paste the below format in the excel file, and make some required adjustments as per your need. For example, put all the required information in the first section, like name, month, working days, etc., and put all the values in the amount section of the payslip. Then, you can break down your salary items like advance, allowance, arrears, etc. If you downloaded the excel file, it would automatically calculate all the amounts, but you have to manually make the calculations if you copy and paste the payslip.


Pay Slip for the Month of July (Date) Head Office

Name: ________  Gross Salary: _______ Net Pay: ______  Designation:_________

Processing Month: ______   Working Days: _____ Absence: ____ Leave: ______



Description             AmountDescription                   Amount
Basic Pay              Rs.__________
Allowance              Rs.__________
Arrears                 Rs.__________
Income Tax                  Rs.__________
Van Fare                      Rs.__________
Security                        Rs.__________
Total Earning       Rs:__________Total Deduction          Rs:__________

                                                                                    Net Payment        Rs:___________

                                                                                     Payee’s Signature ………………..

 ______________                     _______________                              ______________

Accounts Officer                   Finance Secretary                             Chief Executive

Download Sample Payslip format in MS-Excel from the below link

Details of the Payslip

Payslip Format for download includes all the options like Basic Pay, Allowance, Arrears, Income Tax, Van Fare, Security Deposit, and a deductions Section. You can add anything else that you want as per your requirements. Excel format of payslip includes the formula for autopay calculations. The top section of this payslip includes gross pay, net pay, working days, leaves, and absents for the particular month.

Suppose you need any more options or want us to customize the free payslip download. Then, just leave your comments in the below form.

Payslip, and Salary Slip Difference

Payslip is a common business document widely used globally and renowned in the UK, Europe, and America. Asian people call this same document a salary slip, but it is known as Pay Slip in the western world. Employers, companies, organizations always issue payslips to their paid staff members of any designation.

Download Links:

From the above ready, you came to know what a payslip is? How to create Payslip in Excel?, and Elements of Payslip used in Europe and Asia. If you have any questions regarding the payslip, you can ask in the comment form, or If you have a better format and want to share at, you can send us an email.

We also request you to post your comments about the available format of the payslip. So we will improve this after your suggestions and requirements.