Alumni Meet Speech by Students

Speech on the occasion of alumni meet. Dear friends Can anyone send alumni speech Thanks and regards

Sample Alumni Speech by Student to Colleagues

Dear friends

Who would’ve thought that we would be standing here after so many years of being apart all living our own lives making our own families and marking the world with our stamp. We are all former student of Stanford University.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who were stricked on me. Even the time when I didn’t hand in my assignment a day late and I got two hours of detention for it. And the time when me and a few of my friends got into trouble when we played a big prank on the football team at the end of the first year. There was many times during my time here that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it and that I would fail. However the one thing that got me through it was my family saying that I would fail and that because I am a girl that this type of career isn’t for me. Well I would like to say that I proved you all wrong and today I have come a long way from where I was ten years ago when I was last standing in this very spot.

I am a very successful business owner with three establishments on the whole of the United Kingdom. There are a few people who are here today with me who I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without them. These three people stand with me side by side as equals  and partners in my business one of which I my husband. So with this note for the very reason that we are all standing here today have fun and recount the past memories that each of you had in this very hall and don’t forget we are here to remember and make new and fresh memories for the future.

Kind regards

Mrs. Fiona Ghana

Welcome Speech for freshmen in College

Freshman speech ideas. Welcome speech for freshman students. Welcome speech for new students in college. Freshman orientation speech. Orientation speech for first year students.

Welcome Speech for New Students in College

Please be seated and a very warm welcome to all the freshmen this year. It seems like yesterday I was one of you sitting in those chairs wondering what college has to offer to me and now I am standing here welcoming you all, time flies children. That’s the thing I want you to keep in mind that there is no time to waste.

Of course a lot of you if not all thinks that college is a place for fun, letting loose which it kind of is but in between this fun do not forget about why are you here which is to learn, to get good education and to go out in the world with a valuable degree. College years can be the best time of your life if can just remember that the key is ‘’balance’’.

You need to attend all your classes and be attentive in them during the week and weekend is your stress reliever, you can have the fun that you imagined then. I can promise you in this place you will learn a lot, you will make a lot of new friends and you will leave with a valuable degree and a lot of great memories.

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

Format of debate on barrier to women’s advancement Vs Men. What are the challenges that are faced by men and what are the hurdles that women face in their professional career.

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

As a principal speaker in an inter-collegiate debate, write your contribution for or against the motion; “Women do not have as good a chance as men as succeeding in life”

This world is ruling by men. Women do not have a good chance as men for succeeding in life. Elaborating it, when we want to decide something we always prefer the decision taken by a man. Whether we are living in America or in third world countries we always give preference to men. No woman in America ever became president and ruled the country.

Talking about Pakistan, whenever a woman says that she want to get education,  56% of the families refuse her request, and the rest of it admit them to schools just for status. The illiteracy rate in Pakistan is higher than the literacy rate because the men here still thinks that women cannot do anything, she is only for house hold jobs.

Men are responsible for this they cannot even see women successful in lives. If we talk about single mother if they do jobs for their earning they face a lot of problems and difficulties, just because of men

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

The barriers that women face in terms of advancement towards men are sickening. Women are treated like objects, and most women do not even come forward if they are harassed or assaulted in fear of ruining their family’s reputation, the fact that the police will not care, or they will blame the woman instead.

This is the sad state of affairs in our country. Women do not have equal opportunities in this country, and we are falling behind. With the rise of feminism in other countries, we are still stuck in the same mindset that a woman should stay home and cook and clean. Women get high level degrees only to have them wasted because they are forced to work at home. For jobs, men are chosen as preference over women. Extremely few women work in the parliament and government.

These issues are commonplace. The worst part of it is, our superiors and authorities are actively participating in these horrible actions. They pay the police to turn a blind eye. People with money are able to get away with harassing and assaulting women because their families’ are powerful. This is a severe issue that must be investigated and exposed.

This is the kind of activism we need in our society; something that awakens a revolution among us. Something that tears down the walls of everything we know and allows Pakistan to progress. We cannot ignore issues that affect half of our population. I believe all humans want to leave a legacy behind, and this could be your legacy.  You, the editor, could be known as the person who has exposed crimes against woman by high-level officials as the next Watergate or Panama Papers. You could leave a legacy behind and be known as a hero for women in Pakistan. Think about what you want, and think about what is right.


 It is an acknowledged fact that women have always tried to walk pace to pace with the men either by hook or crook. They have most of the time, tried not to sit within the four walls of the house and enjoy the meals earned by the men. That specifically and more appropriately goes for the well educated and responsible women of our society.  These women have despite of all the efforts they do to enhance the shape of the society, become a target of criticism and are often bullied by the so called influential men of the society. There are many barriers facing women in our society. First of all the nuisance of the notion that a woman must stay at home and cook for the family members discourages the inner lying paradigm of action and strength in a woman. Secondly there are families which still believe and  implement that a woman must be covered in many layers of a veil before she steps out of the house. They fail to understand that a woman is in all aspects equal to men, she can learn and earn for the family and her gender must not be a barrier for her in any way. Another important aspect of this situation is that the men would not allow their women to step out of the house because their advancement can be a trouble for their dignity. Such a thought in our modern day society is such a shame for the entire nation. Jane Topkins, a famous author, once said in her novel ‘Me and my Shadows” that  “It enrages me how women are used as extensions to men, devices to show men off, devices to help men get what they want. They are never there in their own rights.” Thus in order to make the women advancement a possible phenomenon all what one requires is to mend and enhance the thinking of the society altogether. Another debatable aspect is that it is not always the men who bring shame to the concept of women empowerment. Often we see women round shaming and bashing other women down. We would hear an old lady in the town coming up with a stance for her next door neighbor that ‘How shameless is she who has got kids and a household to look after and she goes out to earn, what a stain on her man’s dignity”. Such heart wrenching comments from the women for the women have made our society look decrepit enough. It would be a better and peaceful society if women are treated on an equal standard to men, both in private and public spheres

Welcome Speech to Juniors in School

Welcome Party Speech to Juniors.

Welcome Speech to juniors in School

Time passes but memories lasts forever. To dear juniors I welcome you all on the behalf of my entire class and faculty. This is exactly the place where we people were standing and now it’s you. Tonight’s excitement is on peak where all are gathered to welcome you and to amuse you. The students whom are not here will totally miss this.

It’s a totally new phase with new beginning and new difficulties but you can face them by having more strength and self-confidence in yourself. School life is more exciting life like a roller costar ride where you will learn, grow and will be able to know your passion and capabilities.

Besides lots of hard work you will find some entertainment too like sports, speeches, poems and art competitions, debates and refreshing events like bonfire and concerts because they knew the importance of extra-curricular activities where you people will find your talent and polish your skills.

Here’s the journey that will provide you path which will lead you to the profession you are hoping for. Try to focus on your goals and concentrate on what are you doing so then you will become a successful person. It was my pleasure to be here and to share my views, I feel great honor so thank you very much for listening me and wish you good luck for future.

Short Welcome Party Speech

Respected All,

We are welcoming you to the welcome party of batch spring batch 20XX. I hope we make your this evening so much memorable that during whole these sessions you will always remember this day. Hope you will enjoy this function.

Welcome Speech for Guests in an Event

Welcome speech for guests and participants in an event, seminar or workshop etc. Introductory speech for an event. Welcome speech for conference. Welcome speech for school, college or any other kind of function.

Welcome Speech for an Event of Carnival

Dear everyone,

I would like to formally welcome you all to my one and only carnival, held every year but always in a different town so I would like to thank everyone that has come every year. For those of you who that apply you already know why I am holding this festival.

However for those who are new and haven’t been before this event is to raise money for my home town that was plagued with a terrible sickness brought by a tsunami and not just my home it’s all villages around. The money raised in the next few days will go towards rebuilding and the aftercare of all the people who are sick.

Every year is for a different reason and this year just so happens to go deep in our hearts as I’m sure everyone has someone to help. So again welcome and have fun at the festival there are plenty of prizes to win and plenty to enjoy.

Welcome Speech for Friends and Family get Together

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to my wonderful home away from home by the beach. I am most happy and pleased you could all make it tonight to enjoy each other company. So please everyone if you could do one thing for me. Eat drink dance and talk the night away enjoy this party.

Welcome my dearest friends and family. This is a special occasion as my amazing son is finally getting married and to a wonderful fantastic woman. They have had a hard time but hopefully their future is brighter as husband and wife.

Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day

Sample Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day. Inspirational speech for students on teachers day. Thanks speech for students on teachers day. Short speech for students on teachers day.

Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day

Respected Principal, My dear students and faculty fellows. Hello and welcome to the Teachers Day Ceremony.

This is the first time that our school is holding this ceremony and I am more than happy to be your host for it. As I was told that I am to deliver an opening speech dedicated to the teachers today… and when I sat last night on my couch with my favorite coffee in my hand, I was at a loss of words. What could I say in favor of teachers? What words could I use to define them? How could I actually and properly appreciate them for what they do and what they’re capable of doing?

There was nothing I could write but then, a memory from my past struck me. I remembered my teachers, the one who helped me stand where I am today and I started writing in their respect.

A teacher is someone who decided to dedicate their life for the betterment of a nation’s future. Do you think that Teaching is a career path that one was forced to choose? No… Teachers choose to help, choose to help a nation build up on its youth and its children.
How would you describe your teacher? Someone who comes in your classroom, tells you a few aspects of some academic stuff that you take an exam for later? Well that’s not what teacher actually is.
Although there are no words to explain the importance of teachers but one has to start somewhere. If you believe that a school is your second home then you would also believe that teachers are your secondary parents…

Parents who take care of you for more than 8 hours a day, teach you things that maybe your real parents might not be able to…Teaching you decorum and ethics is just a part of your academic upbringing but the best part is that both ethics or decorum are not a part of your academic syllabus. It’s something the teachers choose themselves to teach you on their own and one can’t thank them enough for that.

Frankly speaking, standing here today, talking to all of you, my memories come flashing back and all of my teachers that helped me climb my academic stairs. That helped me stand where I stand today…They keep coming back and all I can see them is smiling whilst watching me speak in respect for them today.
I would like to end my speech by saying that, please! Respect your teachers, not everyone has the capability of being one!

Thank you!

Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance

Welcome speech for dance program. How to introduce a performer on stage.

Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance

Dear Audience and the theater staff…
Hello and welcome to the annual cultural night, we have been hosting this event since ten years now and are celebrating at our full today.

Since, today is our ten years anniversary we have a lot for our audience today but, the highlight of the event, the one thing that almost all of us have been waiting for is the “Cultural Dance Performance”. Culture is a vital part of our upbringing and who we are today, as a nation and as a country. Our country’s culture is something that we will be buried with, the time we die and are to live with it forever.

What’s more beautiful than children portraying our respected culture? That’s right, today on the account of our 10th anniversary the management decided to give the audience something they will remember forever, something that shall bring smiles on the faces and something that will help them go home with a burst of emotions, a river of patriotism inside of their veins and their hands on their beating hearts.

We have some beautiful children in the house today who have been preparing for this event since two months now and have worked hard to make every single of their move a perfect one. Every single dance step, something the audience will love and adore forever.

Please welcome the children in a huge round of applause, an applause they deserve and worked hard for…
Thank you.

Welcome for a Dance Performance

Hello to all the beautiful audience and thank you for waiting so patiently for our next act. As we all know dance has no barriers it is something that everyone can feel, everyone can understand and definitely something everyone can enjoy. But our next group even believes that anybody can learn it to if you have the passion and will to do it, that’s why they always add a member of beginner level into their group in every dance performance. So without any further delay let’s have a huge round of applause for BTS dance group.

Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance

Welcome all the guests, judges and audience. Today is the big day for every performer as they are going to show their talent on such a big platform and in front of the worthy judges.

The theme of our annual function is to show the revival of Pakistani cinema with great and vibrant colors. This function is being held for appreciating brilliant and talented acts of the students. There are some out of sight support who although are not actually visible but they play an important role organizing such event.

We give are whole graduated to the sponsors. Well it’s time to announce the contestant no 2 on stage. Welcome and give her round of applause.

Welcome Speech by Director in School

Welcome speech for school principal, director, or teacher after the hiring as new employee in school or college etc.

Welcome Speech by Director

Good morning children

First of all thank you all for welcoming me into your school for the day. My name is Mr. Barry Allan and I am a director of a very successful business called Star labs. My work includes anything to do with the human body this is called biomedical science. We help the progression of modern day medicine. Each and every one of you has the potential to become someone great in the world and help people if you put your mind to it and work hard.

I was told once that i every one person can help one other person in the world then this will be a better place to live in. Education is the key to success, so keep up your good work and work hard then you can accomplish anything.

Thank you all.

Mr. Barry Allan

Welcome Speech from Director to School

Good morning and a very warm welcome to all the students of XYZ School. I hope you all have enjoyed an amazing summer vacations and now it’s time to get back to our old routine with a new determination.

When I look at you I don’t see mere students I see next generation of my country and as a director of this school I see myself as a guardian of our future it’s a responsibility that I take very seriously and I hope you would too. Now report back to your classes and work towards a better tomorrow.

Welcome Speech by Director to Principals

Welcome speech by Director to Principals at the beginning of a school term.

The principals, allied group of institute, LA

Respected principals,

With all respect I welcome you all to our institute; I congratulate you all to be a part of this chain. I hope that you all will give your best to take this institute to the new heights; I expect that you will not let us down and will prove that the decision of hiring you was right for this institute; we will also try our best to serve you. We again welcome you all, wish you all the very best for coming life ahead.

Regards, Mr. Smith, Allied institute, LA

Morning Assembly Speech Examples

School assembly speech text. School assembly speech in English. Morning assembly speech format. Example of school assembly speech. Teacher on duty assembly speech. Morning assembly speech on discipline.

Sample Speech during Morning Assembly

Good morning my students,

Hello once again to our weekly assembly. Last week was very big week for our year 11 students who completed all their exams. However this upcoming week is going to be even bigger as all of the teachers have got together and come up with reward week so every time you get a good grade or you have good behavior and effort in your work you will get a reward. At the end of the week the year 11 students will get a certificate for their patience with their exams and their hard work.

We have also got a big revel that will change the school for the future at the end of the week. Just because this is a week that you can get rewards that it doesn’t mean that you can lack the effort to work hard and not study and learn. So please humble request keep up the hard work and make your teachers proud.

Good bye.

Mr. Inners

Morning Assembly Speech

Hello and good morning everyone!

Hope you all are doing well and are equally excited to learn all the knowledge that these teachers have to pass on as they are to teach us. The spirit that you feel in the morning before going to classes is the one that stays with you all day if you feel excited and eager to learn so the rest of the day becomes easy and full of excitement for you but if you feel down and show no enthusiasm you just drag the day with no productivity.

We all should feel lucky to be here, to be in school where millions of children do not get to  go school we come here with daily with tidy clothes and enough money to buy ourselves food. We should be honored that our teachers are qualified from top notch schools in this country and they are the best at what they do. We do not just learn here how to read and write we learn a way to live our life here, we learn here how to conduct ourselves in the world out there and how to live an exemplary life.

I hope that when you go to classes after this assembly you may be buzzing with excitement to learn new things and have tons of fun while doing that. You all may proceed to your classes now.

Speech for Father’s Day

Speech for father’s day in school as principal. Father’s day speech from daughter. Father’s day speech for church. Father’s day welcome speech. Father’s day speech for kindergarten. Speech on my father. Speech related to father’s day.

Father’s Day Speech in School

Dear my students

As you all know today is father’s day. I want you all to enjoy this day as we have let you bring your fathers into school to spend the day with you to help them see what you go though in class and to help you both to better bond with each other.

Hopefully today will be a good day as not only if your fathers with you but all of your teachers together have arranged a treasure hunt with each right question answered and each activity completed as a pair you each have the ability to win something at the end of the day. So to each and every one of you go have fun and bond even I will be taking part with my son and daughter.

Your principle

Speech for Father’s Day

There is no job in this world that is more difficult in the world than being a father. A father is a guardian for his children, a protector of his family, the rock that stands solid beneath the surface of his whole family. As long as I can remember for me the word father is a synonym for safety.

A hand over my head meant that he is always there for me no matter what , a little pat on the back meant that he believed in me when even I wasn’t so sure of myself and when he looked at me with a polite smile meant he was proud of me no matter what anyone thinks.

Father’s efforts are usually overshadowed by a mother’s love as much as they both means the world to everyone, a father’s love do need to be recognized sometimes and appreciated as well. On the behalf of all the society I want to say thank you to all the amazing fathers that keep on taking care of us every day and all they expect from us is too stay safe and be happy.