Suspension Order Format for Employees


Please make an official letter for suspension order for employee, govt employee, federal govt employees etc.

Suspension Order for Govt Employee


HR Department.

SSS Trading Company,

ABC Road, Lahore.


Mr. Irfan Khan,


Subject: Suspension Letter from the Job

Dear Irfan,

This is to inform you that in spite of several warnings from the top management, once again you were unable to process the staff salaries on time which caused the restless among workers, and yesterday they stopped work due to the delayed salaries.

Hence, the management has suspended you from the duties for a week, and you are requested to handover the company car, and mobile phone to the office administrator immediately.

You will be informed via phone call on the exact resumption date, and you may be appointed out of the city to another project.


Best Regards,


Suspension Letter to Employee for Poor Performance

Mr. Prem Ambani,

Transport Maintenance In-charge,

Daewoo Bus Company, Mumbai

I am directed to acquaint you that your services as a transport maintenance in-charge are being held under suspension till further orders on account of your poor performance in maintenance of the company’s buses.

You also directed to report to the office of undersigned for personal hearing to probe into the above mentioned matter with written explanation in your defense within one day, and to clarify your position, in this regard. Moreover, explain why a disciplinary action should not be taken against you. If you do not report by tomorrow, the undersigned would be compelled to take one sided decision that may cause your removal from the company.

Manager Operations,

Daewoo Bus Company, Mumbai

Suspension Order Format for Employees

Sample of Suspension Order for Employee

Subject: Suspension letter

It is inform you that you were hired in our firm last month, but your work is not satisfactory according to our desire. So according to our company rules we are giving you this notice that this month will be your last.



Suspension Letter from Employment after Inquiry

Mr. Mike Atherton

Finance Executive,

West ham


Dear Mr. Mike,

This is with reference to inquiry no. XXX/XX/XXX initiated on January 01, XXX against yourself.

The core purpose of the said inquiry is to probe into allegations made by your colleague about embezzlement of funds of the Company. On receiving initial results thereon, without prejudice, we are under obligation to inform you that your role as finance executive is suspended with an immediate effect.

On completion of inquiry, we will get back to you along with decision of the Jury. Your suspension would be ceased off in case the honorable Jury discharges allegations imposed on you otherwise you would be liable to payoff embezzled funds.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor

Head of Legal Affairs

ABC Company

Official letter of Suspension for Disrespect to your Boss

To: Carol Jenna
Wayne, Philadelphia, United States

We are writing to inform you of a decision that was reached this morning by the board of directors. Due to your recent behavior, and disrespect towards the boss, as well as multiple reports of your attitude around the office, you are hereby suspended from Ellwood Consulting. This is non-negotiable.
You may collect your belongings from your office tomorrow.

Ellwood Consulting
Wayne, Philadelphia, United States

Letter to Terminate Daycare Services


Sample letter application to cancel, or terminate the day care service for your kids, son, or daughter with local day care center.

Letter To Terminate Day Care Services

The Manager,
ABC Day care services,

Subject: Termination of the daycare contract


Hope everything is going good for you.

I’m writing this in accordance to the ongoing contract with you where you have been taking care of my son named Talha (Age 2 years) since more than 6 months.

It has been a great experience where you provided us full support during the course by taking care of our son in a very kind, and professional way. However, we have settled down well now to take care of him by ourself. Hence it is hereby requested to terminate the contract from tomorrow 30th Nov.

Appreciate if you could send us invoice within next couple of hours so that we can settle the dues accordingly.

Sincerely Yours,

Mohammad Aamir

Letter to Cancel Daycare Contract

London, UK,

Respected Daycare Authority,

It is to inform you that I want to cancel the daycare center membership I have from your center. It is because it is very far from my place, and I get late for work while dropping children there. I shall be thankful to you.



Letter to Terminate Daycare Services

Joseph Lister,
Sunshine Daycare Center,
West Virginia.

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, as you know that your appointment to provide daycare services was on contract base. The initial contract was for 6 months, and according to company’s policy the next contract is awarded on the bases of performance. Your previous performance was not so satisfactory. You did not provide due care to your job. Most of the time you were late, and often on leave without notice.

The company gave you warning letters on different occasions but there was no betterment on your side. On account of all this, the company has decided to terminate the contract with you, for providing daycare services. Please contact to our account office if any financial bill is still to be paid. You need not to come to office from the next week.

Yours Sincerely,


Letter for Termination of a Contract


Sample letter for termination of contract for breach of services, poor work progress, poor quality of work, dispute of employees etc.

Letter for Terminate the Contract with Vendor

Mr. Vicky

Vicky Constructions

UAE, Dubai

Dear Mr. Vicky

This is reference to our contract regarding the construction of an office building in Dubai. Unluckily, we did not get the services we agreed on, and your firm also delayed in providing building material which caused us high loss. We hired your company after reviewing its reputation, but unfortunately we did not get the desired results. We raised this issue before, and were assured by you that the delay won’t happen again. Since, you could not keep your promise so we want to terminate the contract with you. Kindly consider this letter an authentic documentation from our side, and clear the site as soon as possible so that we can send another contractor. I hope a quick response from you.

Best Regards,

Abdul Hassan

Letter for Ending a Contract


London, UK,

Respected Supplier,

I have written this letter to you in order to inform you that I end the contract in which we were parties today as I am not satisfied with the quality, and quantity of work you provide despite the handsome payment we made to you. I hope you improve your work in the future.



Letter for Termination of a Contract

Letter for Cancellation of a Contract


Mr. Theone Grey,

Head Management,

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to officially terminate the contact between us. I have been working with you for two years, and everything was smooth. I have been facing trouble in getting the payments, and I wrote you a letter about three months ago that your company is following the contract on which we both agreed. The section 3rd of the contract clearly stated that the payments must be done within the 15days after delivering goods. You have failed for the last three months paying the money on time which caused me trouble. I can’t work under this kind of situation where your company is continuously violating the contract which has been mutually made by both of us. The section 10 clearly stated that if the company will violate any section of this contract for more than two months then the contractor has a right to terminate contract.

I have a good time with you working but with can’t work with you anymore. I hope we are crystal clear on this. The legal documentation has been attached with this letter even so if there is anything comes to your mind I am ready to discuss.

Thank You!


Barney Stinson,

Goods Contractor

Termination Letter for School Principal


Sample letter to termination for principal of school, college due to poor performance, mismanagement to fire, or sack the principal from job.

Termination Letter for School Principal for His Poor Performance


The Headmistress,

LACAS School System,


Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to inform you that the school is not satisfy with your Performance, the system is disturbed because of your half day leaves. Because of this the staff is also not regular, and there is no check, and balance rule. We would like to bring it to your knowledge that the committee of headpersons has decided to end your tenure at this school in order to run a better institute, and to assure the quality. We wish you good luck.


School administration

Termination Letter to School Principal for Poor Performance

The Cadet Frontier School

Miss Candy

Alabama Street

Subject: Termination letter for poor performance

Dear Miss Candy

It is to inform you that you have not been attending the school for two months. The school discipline committee has found that during your six months tenure with us you have very irregular, and never followed the rules of punctuality. Along with this the discipline committee has also found that you used to smoke cigarettes during lectures in the classrooms. You also use inappropriate language in the class that does not constitute a good impact on the students.

You have been sent notices for three times with warnings to uplift your repute but you never put an ear to it. You were also provided by the chance to submit your written statement before the school committee but you never tried to avail it.

So for now the board of directors has decided in the light of findings of school discipline committee to terminate the contract with you.

You need not visit the school from tomorrow.

For any quires please call me on my number 2321128998


Jason Dothrox

Job Termination Letter in Urdu Format


Sample job termination letter in Urdu language available to end the jobs of employees, drivers, officers, executives, security guards, daily wagers, and newly hired staff members etc.

This letter is available in the image format, and you can use this termination letter to terminate lower staff of your company. Letter is written in Urdu Language that is why it can be used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. You can write new letter in Ms Word, and In-page for Urdu language.

Job Termination Letter in Urdu Language

Employee Clearance Form for Resigning, and Termination


Sample Employee Clearance Form for companies, schools, colleges, universities, and office to get the in writing clearance from employees, students, and clients.

Employee Clearance Form Page 1

AH Foundation

Clearance Certificate

Certified that there is nothing outstanding against Mr./Ms. __________________________

Designation___________________ who is leaving the Job as (Manager) from (AH Foundation)

With Effect From___________________  Head Office DHA, LHR


Store Section _______________________

Vocational Department _______________________

Canteen _______________________

Secretarial Department ________________________

Section Head _______________________

Manager Human Capital Development _____________________

Assistant Manager Administration __________________________

Manager Administration ________________________________

Accounts Department ______________________________

Marketing Department _____________________________

Employee Clearance Form Page 2

AH Foundation


Name ________________________ Father Name_____________________

Designation ____________________________

  1. Payable Salary for the Month of (if any)     ______________________
  2. Refundable Security Deposit                           ______________________
  3. Leave En-cashment (if any)                              ______________________

Total _________________________________________________


  1. Outstanding Loans (if any)                              ______________________

Advance Salary                                                    ______________________

Tax                                                                            ______________________

Net Payable                                                           ______________________

Figures in words. _________________________________________


I acknowledge the receipt of my full, and final settlement of dues including outstanding salary to date & security deposit etc. I certify that nothing is due against (AH Foundation) on my behalf. Total amount received Rs. ______________

Signature of Employee ________________________


Accounts Manager                    HCD Manager                        Director                            President


Employee Clearance Form for Resigning, and Termination Page 1

Employee Clearance Form for Resigning, and Termination Page 2

Job Termination Letter Format


Sample job termination letter for employees, staff members, managers, officers, contract employees. Sample job termination, and suspension letter to employee involved in fraud, grouping, poor performance, misbehavior etc available for free download in word, and pdf formats. Employment termination letter normally used for employee after expiry of contract, poor performance, misbehavior, misconduct with senior, manager, or boss.

Job Termination Letter to Employee/Supervisor

Mr. Kumar,
Area Supervisor.
Mac Pharmaceuticals ltd.

Dear Sir,

I am sad to inform you that in the wake of ongoing rising inflation, and deteriorating economic condition of the country, our organization is facing high financial pressure, and we are compelled to terminate some of our staff members to lighten the burden. Unfortunately, the committee assigned for this purpose has proposed for the termination of your services as you could not meet the sales target for last three months, and you were not able to deliver under pressure.

So, you will be relieved of your duties from this organization at the end of this month, and all your outstanding bills will be cleared instantly. We wish you best of luck for your future.


Adam Hopkins
Mac Pharmaceuticals ltd

Employee Termination Letter Format

Dear Employee,

It is to inform you that due to your unsatisfactory work, and your non-serious attitude, you have been terminated from your position as a manager from the Cape Industries Co. Ltd. You are no longer an employee of Cape Industries Co. Ltd.


Cape Industries Co. Ltd

Job Termination Letter Sample in English

Syed Qamar Abass
AH Foundation
Defense Campus

Subject: Termination of Services with effect from 12th Jan
The management of AH Foundation has decided to terminate your employment services with effect from 12th Jan. You were found guilty of misbehaving, and using abusive language with following persons:

  • Syed Ali – Cashier, assistant accounts & administration
  • Mr. Amir – Watchman
  • Mr. Asif Iqbal – Driver

Please contact accounts officer for your final settlement bill.

Atif Naveed

Manager Administration
AH Foundation
DHA Campus
Hon. CEO.
Hon. Director
Manager HR
Accounts Officer

Job Termination Letter Format

Sample letter of termination from employer to employees, or staff members of the company. You can use this termination letter for employees to sacking employees, kick out the employees from the company of any post.

Letter of Termination Format


Subject: Letter of Termination

Dear Mr/Ms.__________,

As you know the current scenario of our company, we are facing acute shortage of funds because of decline in sales aroused due to bad slump in international market. We are not in a position to continue with our same expenditures; here we regret to say that we’ll have to layoff a number of employees. Moreover the management of the company has also decided in the meetings that when we’ll come out of this phase we’ll first priorities you for next inductions. We feel worth with our valuable employees, and we believe on the concept of belonging with employees.

However, this decision of laying off is effective immediately. You will be paid today salary of Dec, and Jan, salary will be paid on 28th February.

We wish you the best in your future.


Signatory Authority
E Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

Letter of Termination From Employer

Employee Termination Letter Sample

Respected Employee,

It is to inform you that your job in our company had been temporarily terminated, and you are being suspended for two months. Due to an identification of a fraud in your area of work the board has decided to suspend you for two months. No salary, or any other job perquisites would be given in this duration. You are not allowed to come to office, or involve in any other matters of the company for the required period. It is your decision if you want to carry on your job after the period, or you may find a new job. Please inform the company if you find a new job.

Best Wishes,

Manager Human Resource

Employment Termination

Mr. Mike Atherton
Finance Executive,
West ham

Dear Mr. Mike,

This is with reference to agreement no. XXX/XX/XXX dated January 01, XXX with respect to your probation with the Company.

Our practice is to induct permanent staff only on receipt of positive assessment / feedback from human resource department on completion of probationary period.

We are regretful to express that you are not qualified under the aforesaid assessment criteria. You are requested to receive your original testimonials from HR department at your earliest possible convenience.

We hope that you will get ultimate success in your future endeavors.

Thanking you, and with profound regards,

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor
Head of Human Resource