Application of Different Kinds of Visa

You may use these letters according to your needs, and circumstances. These letters can be written for the sake of business, tourist, visit, and Work visa. Application of Shenanigan Visa Dear Sir/Madam, With due respect, it is that I want to apply for a Schengen visa upon my aim to head out to Germany from … Continue reading “Application of Different Kinds of Visa”

Sample Letter to Speed up Visa Processing

Example Of Request Letter By a Student  whose classes are about to begin Request letter to speed up visa processing by A Student To, The US Embassy, Kuwait Respected sir, With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to request you to speed up my visa processing as my classes will be starting after 2 weeks. … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Speed up Visa Processing”

Letter to Apply for Journalist Visa

Sample application letter to apply for visa as journalist to travel abroad. Journalist visas are for correspondent, reporter, newsman, newswomen of newspaper, radio, film, and print industries, traveling temporarily to the foreign country for work, training, workshops etc Letter to Apply for Journalist Visa To,The Indian Embassy. To whom it may concern,It is stated that … Continue reading “Letter to Apply for Journalist Visa”

Application for Irish Visa

Sample application for applying Irish visa for tour/visit, classes, or any other purpose. Ireland tourist visa application. Apply visitor visa for Ireland. Application for Irish Visa for Study To The Ambassador, Embassy of Ireland Islamabad Subject: Request for an Irish Visa for attending the English language courses Dear Sir/Madam, I am Richard, 36 years old, … Continue reading “Application for Irish Visa”

Sample Letter for Urgent Visa Request

Sample urgent visa request letter to embassy.  Sample letter to speed up visa processing. Sample letter for visa request to embassy. Sample letter to embassy for visa application follow up. How to write a letter to embassy for visa status? Urgent Visa Request Letter to Embassy To, The Embassy. Respected Concerned Officer, It is stated that my … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Urgent Visa Request”

Application for lost New Zealand Passport

Sample application to inform about the loss of your passport with visa stamps. Application letter about lost passport, and to get temporary passport, and visa documents for urgent travel. Application for lost New Zealand Passport To, The Embassy, New Zealand. Respected appointed officer, It is stated that I am a national of New Zealand, and … Continue reading “Application for lost New Zealand Passport”

Letter Regarding Visa Delay to Embassy

Want to write an email for a Visa status inquiry letter?. How to write a letter to the embassy for visa status. Sample letter for visa request to the embassy. In some cases, you can use visa consultants for a speedy visa process because they know the speedy procedures and documentation. Sample Email Letter to Embassy for Visa Application Follow-up After Delay in Visa Issuance Dear Ambassador, I applied for a visa … Continue reading “Letter Regarding Visa Delay to Embassy”

Application for Student Visa in Canada

Sample application letter for study visa in Canada with requirements, check list, and processing time step by step. Application for Student Visa in Canada Name: Jonas Blue Date of Birth: 10.05.19XX Nationality: British National Insurance Number: AB 12 34 56 C Dear Sir/Madam My name is Jonas Blue. I would like to submit this application … Continue reading “Application for Student Visa in Canada”

Application for Student Visa in Germany

Sample application letter to apply for the student visa in Germany, or study visa in Germany for school education, college education, or university education. You can also use this letter to apply for diplomas. Application for Student Visa in Germany Name: Jonas BlueDate of Birth: —–Nationality: British Dear Sir/Madam My name is Jonas Blue. I … Continue reading “Application for Student Visa in Germany”

Application for Irish Passport

Sample application letter to apply for passport, renewal of passport, passport of child with enquiry. Application for Irish Passport To, The Embassy of Ireland Blue Enclave Islamabad. SUBJECT: Request for an Irish Passport Dear Sir/madam, My name is Peter John, resident of Model Town Lahore. I have been working in Dublin, Ireland for 10 years, … Continue reading “Application for Irish Passport”