Thanks Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor

Sample thanks letter for Chief Guest and guest of honor after the ceremony for thanking the guest. Download the letter sample for guests, and change it as per your needs.

Chief Guest Thank You Letter

To Chief Guest Name

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor for Attending Ceremony

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to thank you for sparing time for the opening ceremony of our training program ‘Skills for the job’ for the youth. Your kind presence in the program encouraged us a lot and made us more confident in our struggles. It was a great pleasure to host you at our organization as the Chief Guest/Guest of Honour.

I appreciate your interest in the well-being of the Youth. Your suggestions have provided us with a guideline to proceed more precisely for the betterment of this noble cause. We hope this kindness and cooperation will continue in the future.

With warm regards,


Manager Communication

Thanks Letter to Chief Guest, and Guest of Honor
Thanks, Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor

Thanks, Letter for Guest of Honour

To Chief Guest Name

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest for Sponsorship

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your visit to [place] and Sponsorship of Rs. 72,000/- for one year. As per our discussion, I am sending the images of [venue]. Soon you will receive the official slip of your sponsorship cheque at your mailing address.

Best Regards,

Signatory Authority

Thanks, Letter to Guest of Honor

Chief Guest/ guest of honor

Dear Sir,

We want to thank you for honoring us with your presence. It was a wonderful experience to have you, as your presence added to the charm of the event.

An honorary is attached to this letter. We are looking forward to inviting you again.

Thank you very much again.



Thank You Letter for Chief Guest


Mr. John Kane, Chairperson, Nexon Inc.

Respected sir,

With all due respect, we would like to thank you for your presence at the inauguration ceremony of our software house, for delivering such an inspiring speech, and for giving motivation to our employees. We really appreciate you taking out time for us from your busy schedule. It’s always been our pleasure to have you with us, and we look forward to seeing you again for the upcoming workshop.

Yours sincerely,

General Manager,

Nyc Inc.

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